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  • Fam M.
    • 1
    • 13. May 2015

    AGS Installations Inc

    250 Cahaba Valley Pkwy N, Pelham, AL


    Needless to say I rarely write reviews or comments on my experience with or on businesses but with this company I felt was a duty to do so. I am a real estate investor/rehabber and I hired AGS Installations Inc of Pelham through Home Depot to do some plumbing work on 2 of the 4 units I purchased. Even though their bid was one of the "highest" I went with them because of the Home Depot endorsement and the HD brand. AGS Installations Inc of Pelham started working on the units February 2015 and to this date (May 12, 2015) they have not completed work nor have I had an inspection. Adding insult to injury they have already charged my HD account over $7k without my authorization.  

    Customer service is lack luster and they don't return phone calls, do follow ups, or the courtesy to give updated reports, I mean why should they, they have already been paid. I wasn’t confident in the installer’s skill level and repeatedly requested for another plumber to come out but the Operations/Field Service Manager Danielle Smith sent no one else out. Operations/Field Service Manager Danielle Smith didn’t honor my request to send anyone out nor was willing to send a senior service person to oversee the work that was being done. On many occasions the installer did half completed work and my general contractor had to go behind him to repair sheet rock because he (installer) had to go back in the wall to put in forgotten/left out drains.

     This company AGS Installations Inc of Pelham, is nothing short of unethical and misleading, with the work that I was charged over $7k for come to find out after the fact didn’t include drains and the installer didn’t have the courtesy or morals to inform that I needed new drain lines because all of the drains were corroded from the inside, instead attach new lines to old drains. Let me paint a picture for you, imagine you take your car to a mechanic shop because you think you need a tune up, the mechanic shop over charge for the tune up but come to find out your motor was had locked up. (How would you feel? Sounds like an episode of Fox Live at 5).    

     When I started to voice my concerns to Operations/Field Service Manager Danielle Smith  and request a new installer she would send the same person back out which lead to a disgruntle  installer working on my units (do you think that worked out for my benefit?).  Operations/Field Service Manager Danielle Smith gave me nothing but excuses and pointed the finger at everyone/anyone else she could instead of fixing the problem.  I have lost so much money dealing with this company not to mention I had two renters scheduled to move in May 1, 2015 but I had to give back their deposits because I couldn’t deliver units because of the hold ups dealing with inspections. How much time do you need for scheduling an inspection if work began in February? When I asked to be compensated the Operations/Field Service Manager Danielle Smith flat out told me no. I haven’t signed a contract with them nor have I seen or received an invoice to break down what work I would be receiving or an itemized cost list of work service fees to justify the total bill.

    I have reached out to HD to report what has happened to me because I don’t want anyone else to be victimized by this company like I have been. I have never been so dissatisfied with a company or service in my entire life and I am going to tell everyone and anyone not to use their service. I feel ripped off, scammed, and cheated.