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133-A W End Ave
Brooklyn, 11235
NY, United States
Dr. Irina Feldbein is a professional in cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. When you want to enhance your smile Dr. Feldbein combines her skills and experience with extraordin... read more
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  • Acherkalin A.
    • 2
    • 19. Sep 2014

    The verdict is in. I need braces. Adults with braces. I figured that im going to look like a goof with braces. I made my research and found OrthosnapNY and Dr Feldbein. After my first consultation I find out that OrthoSnap is alternative to braces that is as effective as traditional braces but without the unsightly metal bands. Today is already 6 month how I start my treatment I couldn’t be more happy. Orthosnap aligners so clear that nobody can see them, I feel so comfortable to wear them and already see result.
    If you need to get braces and you don’t feel comfortable to wear them go to OrthosnapNy. Dr Feldbein is attentive, professional, and provides the latest and best technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • Valery C.
    • 2
    • 08. Sep 2014

    I recently went to Revitta Clinic and saw Dr. Feldbein and was surprised how thorough she was in every aspect of my visit. She
    addressed all of my main concerns and explained all of my treatment options, so I felt like I was part
    of the process when deciding what I wanted. On my first visit Dr suggest me to start with one day
    cerec crown on one of my tooth that fell apart long time ago. I want to say when dr said one day I
    thought that I have to stay in office for the whole day and wait for my crown oooo nooo my crown
    was done in 2 hours and it was really well done. Everyone in the office was nice and it seems like they
    have a pretty efficient front desk because all of my appointments have run on time so far. I have only
    had 2 appointments to date but I highly recommend Revitta Clinic and Dr. Feldbein

  • Jennystroman68 J.
    • 5
    • 16. Dec 2013

    I want to share my thoughts about OrtoSnap. For almost a year I was wearing braces. I red a lot of reviews, was very hesitant but finally decided that I need them. Impossible to say, hygiene converted into a torture cleaning out these iron wire ... And then one of the forums I saw info about OrthSnap. Decided to take a chance. I wear alligners only 2 weeks. The first 2 days, to be honest, it is very unconfortable to remove them and wear them. I tried to eat liquid food without removing ... I DO NOT ADVISE. Food flows into them, then it is difficult to clean. After 3 days, everything was fine. I have no pain and no pressure feeling. Easily to removed and put them back in place. I was warned that might have mouth full of saliva, but didn't happen. No speech impediment. Well, maybe a little, if chattering nonstop. In general, all comfortable, already used to having something foreign in your mouth. Mentally preparing myself that with each new alligner I might have first couple of days when it hurts, but it's worth it! All are encouraged! Smile pretty!

  • Ann marie K.
    • 3
    • 12. Jun 2013

    Dr. Feldbein and her staff are always very professional and welcoming when I arrive for my appointments. The atmosphere is low-pressure, warm and caring. I always feel confident that the best care is given and there are no gimmicks or unnecessary procedures performed here. Best cosmetic and dental care you can get!