Famous Pizza

98 S Broadway, Denver 80209, United States Get Directions to this spot
98 S Broadway
Denver, 80209
CO, United States
(303) 778-7998

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  • Cowboy Dann
    • 20
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    • 26. Mar 2007

    Not every painting can be the Mona Lisa, just like every schmuck with a typewriter can't be Hemingway and every kid in band can't grow up to be Morrissey. Along a similar line, not every pizzeria can be top of the line. However, when you're just out of the Hi-Dive, still buzzing from another great conert, or wandering out of Three Kings full of liquid courage, Famous hits the spot. $2 a slice and tables that may have been bought at a DMV auction don't seem half bad at 2 AM. You can do much worse when it comes to cheap eats.