Leela European Cafe

820 15th St, Denver 80202, United States Get Directions to this spot
820 15th St
Denver, 80202
CO, United States

2 reviews for Leela European Cafe

  • incognito boy
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    • 04. Apr 2007

    Leelas European Cafe is a wonderful place to play scrabble, any time of day. I remember first going when there were one or maybe two people, then as time progressed, many more people began showing up, to play scrabble. Leelas is also became a great venue for open mic sessions, poets, artists, and even flamenco damcing lessons. There choclate cake is delicious, especially when served with Levazza coffee. I am happy to see that there is a place where I can go, watch a band perform, and learn some new steps. Bravo.

  • Charisma
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    • 07. Mar 2007

    That Leela has a myspace should say it all. Buzzing at dusk til dawn, I prefer coming here early in the morning, when there is practically no one save for a few early risers (or insomniacs, depending on how you see it). Very good hot chocolate and friendly (if at times, slow) service. Poetry slams on Mondays and weekend shows.