Tommy's Thai Restaurant

3410 E Colfax Ave, Denver 80206, United States Get Directions to this spot
3410 E Colfax Ave
Denver, 80206
CO, United States
(303) 377-4244

2 reviews for Tommy's Thai Restaurant

  • paul
    • 23
    • 1
    • 23. Apr 2007

    agree with charisma that the waits are long, but you can't beat the price. where else can you get 2 apps, 2 entres and a bottle of wine for less than $60? not too many places. sure, it's not the best food you'll ever eat, but it's pretty good and the price makes it even better.

  • Charisma
    • 351
    • 22
    • 08. Mar 2007

    A seemingly IKEA-fitted Thai place that's popular, and I mean, HELLA popular because oftentimes there's a long queue for dine-in or a long wait time (1.5h+) for delivery. Some folks might rip this place because it's not "authentic" enough, i.e. sans ubiquituous pictures of Buddha or the "real" Thai taste. For the price, however, I wouldn't give up on the drunken noodles!