Wax Trax

638 E 13th Ave, Denver 80203, United States Get Directions to this spot
638 E 13th Ave
Denver, 80203
CO, United States
(303) 831-7246

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  • Cowboy Dann
    • 20
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    • 27. Mar 2007

    Wax Trax represents the dying breed that is the neighborhood record store. Small and compact, WT deals in the latest work from primarily indie and underground artists. It has a very small used selection as well as a few vinyl albums. The majority is brand spankin' new CDs. If it seems as though they are perpetually understocked, ask the friendly staff for assistance. They have several copies of albums that they just don't display. The overall highlight has to be its meticulous organization (often a rarity in a record store) and the little hand-written placards for each artist. Many of these placards contain advice, descriptions or factoids about the bands. Placards run from the fairly obvious ("Death Cab for Cutie is one of the most popular bands from the Pacific Northwest") to the helpful ("Panda Bear is the solo project of Noah Lennox from Animal Collective") to neither here nor there ("Deerhoof is experiemental rock with a cute female lead singer").