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1800 Peery Dr
Farmville, 23901
VA, United States
(434) 392-8986

1 reviews for McDonald's

  • Naturlbornloser N.
    • 1
    • 27. Oct 2009

    On the evening of Oct 22nd I was doing my usual routine of ordering via Drive-thru. My Jeep Cherokee developed an alternator issue in the Drive-thru and my battery died between your 2 drive-thru windows. I guess if the fat Mom in the mini-van w/ the 5 kids in front of me wasn’t raising such a fuss and delaying the line and the fact that I had already ordered and paid for my food, I could have possibly exited the line and tended to my vehicle issues. But this was not an option @ that time. Well the Jeep died on me @ your 2nd window.
    I had managed to get out and push vehicle to a parking spot, even one of your pimply-faced employee’s was on his way out to assist in pushing, but I had already managed to get it in place. Great, now I have to walk my 47 year old body home, eat my now cold dinner and resolve this dilemma. I made it a point before I left to explain to these teenage employee’s of yours what the situation was. I offered 2 scenarios here,
    1. If I can find somebody with Jumper cables, I will be back and try to get the Jeep going again.
    2. If not, I am coming back up this evening and picking up the battery, taking it home and putting it on a charger, and will return early in the AM to put it in and drive away.

    I was told by one of your kid employee’s that was going to be ok, so great, I now can try and resolve my mechanical woe’s without reprisal. Well considering it was 11pm @ night, finding a friend w/ cables was a moot point. So I went back to my jeep and removed the battery, took it home, put it on charger. Around 9:30am I returned to McDonald’s only to find you had called 3rd St Wrecker, my friend, I was livid. I knew then that once again Corporations are lying scum bags, even in small towns. But the temper only went from bad to worse after I found out that the rip off towing Co. charged me 95$ about price gouging!!. I cussed them folks out so bad, the secretary threatened to call Police. I said,”Please do, I want to report this highway robbery” This is another fine example of price gouging with no fear of redemption.

    Corporate and web sites gettin copies of this,,,,,i'm uber pissed...DO NOT patronize these lying corporations anymore...Eat @ the mom&pops restaraunts

    PS: the McD's @ peery drive no longer exisits...its on 300 block of S. Main St
    be sure and Boycott it..;)