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108-16 63 Road
Forest Hills, 11375
NY, United States
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  • Sophia  G.
    • 3
    • 17. Apr 2019

    Always with a smile on his face) This is important for patients. Attentive, charming, professional-competent, as far as I can appreciate from my own communication experience during the operational rehabilitation period. Thank you Doctor!

  • JamesAGohar
    • 3
    • 03. Dec 2018

    Forest Hills Queens OB/GYN Medical Services Our practice is dedicated to the Healthcare of Women and provides complete Obstetrical and Gynecologic services. Physicians are available within our practice specializing in high risk pregnancy and childbirth, the treatment of women with cancer, and problems related to urinary incontinence.

    In the Rego Park/Forest Hills, Queens area, you want a local gynecologist you can trust with your health, a doctor who keeps your best interests in mind. Dr. James Gohar at Forest Hills Medical Services is a top OB/GYN in Queens, NYC. Come in for a visit to see the difference a personal, caring gynecologist can make in your life and in your health.

    When you go to a top gynecologist in Queens like Dr. Gohar, you get the best local care you can find. His practice offers every service you need to maintain your health:

    From a simple pelvic exam to a hysteroscopy From obstetrics to birth control From STD testing to a hymenectomy. Treating Most Gynecological Conditions This Forest Hills, Queens, NYC gynecological and obstetrics practice is equipped to handle most of the conditions you’ll face. In that respect, you can come in to see Dr. Gohar, and often you won’t have to see any other doctor because he can treat you. All the Services You Need Forest Hills Medical Services lives up to its reputation, as Dr. Gohar is a top gynecologist in Queens. His practice offers a range of services to help you stay healthy and plan for a healthy future. Call to Forest Hills Medical Services for an appointment by this number: +1 718.897.5331

    Forest Hills Medical Services

    108-16 63 Road

    Forest Hills, NY 11375

    +1 718 897-5331

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  • JamesAGohar
    • 3
    • 10. Jan 2018

    The Clinic History:

    With the goal of providing unique and personalized medical care, Forest Hills Medical Services was founded in 1986 by Dr. S. Soukkary and Dr. S. Gohar.

    In 2013, Dr. James A. Gohar took over his mother’s practice with the aim of continuing her patient-centric approach to obstetrics and gynecology. Under Dr. Gohar’s leadership, the office was completely renovated to modernize the space, incorporate new technology, and make it as welcoming and comfortable for patients as possible.

    The Focus:

    A patient’s comfort and individuality are what drives and gives pride to continue this tradition for over 30 years.

    As many in the community can attest to, the tip is having a simple and sound approach to old-fashioned medicine while using the most advanced technology available today. The patients receive one-on-one personal care without the long lines.

    The number one priority is always the patients, first and foremost. Call to Forest Hills Medical Services for an appointment by this number: 718.897.5331

    Forest Hills Medical Services is a AAAASF Certified facility