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2 reviews for Bhargava, Sharlaw MD - Sharlaw Bhargava MD Psychiatry

  • Sgb S.
    • 1
    • 30. Oct 2013

    My son's depression was getting worse. Nothing was working with my family practice doctor. I was recommended to their clinic by one of my co-workers who treats there. This is a very professionally run clinic. They had me all setup and ready to go. The doctor reviewed my past history from the other doctors that had treated my son. She explained to me that how the different drugs interact with each other and how we could make changes since nothing had worked for my son. Within three visit my son was feeling better. He was back to being a normal happy child. The receptionist always greeted with a friendly smile and made us feel at ease. The doctor has worked wonders for my son, where others had failed him.

  • Charu L.
    • 1
    • 17. Sep 2013

    You are all depressed and disappointed.. you think your life can't get worser and you need a help from psychiatrist.. you go to Dr. Bhargava's office and talk to the receptionist - voila!! you just saw how much more worse you life could get. Thats exactly how the receptionist made me feel. She was arrogant and rude beyond imagination. They refused to give me an appointment even though I had it all comfirmed before I went there - which is Ok. What is not Ok is, she made me fill out the medical history forms and took all my personal information like SSN, license number and credit card details. I asked her to give them back and she said if I dont get out she will call 911. I asked her about forms again and she said she shredded them. Now I fill out the forms and she shredded them and I just need to believe it? What if she knew that my appointmnet wont go through and stole my personal information? She refused to answer and irritated me well enough!!! If you want to feel better just go to a better facility that has better staff... no one deserves to be treated like the way this bitter lady treats people.. If 3 out 4 people tell you they hated the staff, you probably will too - So why take the chance?