The Loose Moose Cottage

20500 Old Highway 99 SW, Grand Mound 98531, United States Get Directions to this spot
20500 Old Highway 99 SW
Grand Mound, 98531
WA, United States

2 reviews for The Loose Moose Cottage

  • Beckyeldon B.
    • 1
    • 25. Jul 2011

    Have never had dinner at the Loose Moose Cottage, but have had breakfast there twice, and everything was wonderful! Great food, cooked to perfection.

  • Ray C.
    • 1
    • 02. Feb 2009

    Not worth the gas to drive ... even if you live next door
    I don't know what the chef at this place is thinking, but they start out with some wonderful ingredients (steak, pork, Mahi Mahi, chicken, etc) and do their best to ruin everything.

    We visited shortly after they opened and the entire buffet was inedible. Every meat was cooked to the point of being hard. We actually bounced a piece of fish off the table and it didn't even break. The service was impeccable, though. Tables were cleaned, dirty plates removed promptly, drink glasses were never empty ... perfect!

    When we brought the food quality (or lack of) to the attention of the corporate office, they asked us to bear with them as they were new and suffering growing pains.

    We had out of State guests visit about six months later and visited again. Again ... every meat was seriously overcooked to the point of being tough and dry. When I brought that to the attention of one of the line cooks, he said he would attend to that immediately and proceeded to just spoon the juice in the bottom of the tray over the hard dry pork nuggets that were supposed to be chops. I told another line worker that the steaks were way past well done and were ruined. He said "that's the way our customers like it" and then walked away. He didn't see the huge number of steaks out in the dining room with only one bite out of them headed for the garbage.

    When we left, we tipped the waiter well and told him that we wished that the cook staff did half as good as a job as he did and he said "I know ... I hear that all the time" which means that I am not the only one to have had a bad meal here.

    This stuff is not worth paying for and is hard to describe as food. If the guests at the hotel were not allowed into the restaurant in their swimming attire, I am sure that they would leave the lodge and find something else.