Jack B. Carroll, Houston Criminal Lawyer

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4 reviews for Jack B. Carroll, Houston Criminal Lawyer

    • 15. Sep 2017

    Jack's a smart lawyer. If you're looking for a smart, reasonable criminal defense lawyer in Houston for a felony or misdemeanor criminal case, contact Attorney Jack B. Carroll. I've known or known-about Jack B. Carroll & Associates for 20 years and can attest to his aptitude as a legal mind.

    • 30. Aug 2017

    I met Jack years ago, and he's always been helpful to me as a professional. I've known him to go to bat for clients of Jack B. Carroll & Associates time and time again. If you have a relative, a teenager, or other loved one in jail or facing criminal charges, it's best to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston to handle their case. I know how hard it can be to find the right for the right situations. Jack is always honest with his clients and will tell you if he thinks he can win for you. If you're looking for a top lawyer in Houston, call Jack B. Carroll & Associates.

  • J.J. Gradoni
    • 5
    • 30. Aug 2017

    As the founder of Gradoni & Associates, a Houston based private investigation agency, we've worked with Houston criminal defense lawyer Jack B. Carroll on numerous occasions for all kinds of different types of criminal cases. Jack B. Carroll & Associates is one of our main clients, and we've helped Jack on murder cases, theft offenses, and in cases of false claims of domestic abuse. If you're looking for an attorney who is serious about his clients, makes their interests his, it's best to call on Jack B. Carroll & Associates; a top Houston criminal justice law firm.

  • Attorney Cloud
    • 5
    • 30. Aug 2017

    If I can say one thing about Jack, it's that he's a stand-up guy that will help anyone that's in a jam. I've seen him take on case pro-bono after seeing public defenders treat their assigned clients like shit. I've also seen him take on prosecutors who have never lost a criminal trial, and won. If you're looking for the best criminal lawyer in Houston, contact Jack B. Carroll & Associates at your quickest opportunity.