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5095 E Thompson Rd
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  • S W.
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    • 01. Feb 2011

    On December 6, 2010, I received four paper prescriptions from my doctor and proceeded to drop them off at the Walgreens at Thompson and Emerson in Indianapolis. I had the technician verify that all prescriptions were in stock. I was told there would be about an hour wait for these prescriptions. I returned home and received a call from ERIN KRUEGER, pharmacy manager at this store. She told me that since I had this particular prescriptions filled previously on November 15, 2010, that insurance had denied them, and she could not fill them until December 13, 2010. This was not a refill, these were valid paper prescriptions dated for December 6, 2010. I immediately phoned my insurance company, Anthem, and discovered that my prescriptions were cleared for payment and for filling! ERIN KRUEGER LIED to me about insurance denying the prescriptions! ERIN KRUEGER also lied to my insurance company regarding my prescriptions. Anthem has documented records of them calling ERIN KRUEGER and her saying that it was "Walgreens policy" not to fill these prescriptions any more than two days early. This was proven to be untrue. As it turns out, it was ERIN KRUEGER's policy not to fill these prescriptions. It is NOT Walgreens policy, nor did my insurance deny these prescriptions. ERIN KRUEGER was hiding behind these lies as justification for her own mistake (as further admitted to Marcell Naddas, a Walgreens district manager). ERIN KRUEGER admitted to Mr. Naddas that she had, in fact, made a mistake, as Mr. Naddas admitted to me "that they had certainly dropped the ball". Please contact me if you have had the same issues regarding a prescription that you have had trouble being filled earlier than the previous month (either a refill or a paper prescription, I had paper prescriptions dated for the day I dropped them off, this was NOT even a refill!) and if anyone from this pharmacy refusing to fill the prescription no more than two days early and LYING about it! My insurance policy allows me to have ANY prescription filled or refilled two weeks into the current prescription. I received an apology letter from both ERIN KRUEGER and the district office in Carmel, but I am wanting to make sure that ERIN KRUERGER does not LIE to anyone else. In the apology letter, ERIN KRUEGER admits, now, that it was her "personal judgment" not to fill the prescriptions, instead of originally saying that, which I would have understood, and gladly taken my prescriptions elsewhere (which I had to do anyway), ERIN KRUEGER decided to lie! A manager of a pharmacy! I could not believe it! While it may be ERIN KRUEGER's right as a pharmacist to deny a prescription, I am sure that if she was truly comfortable with denying someone a prescription, she would not feel the need to LIE to customers and hide behind bogus policies, or telling customers of all things, their insurance denied payment! Unbelievable, this woman is a manager! Bottom line was for me, ERIN KRUEGER lied, first saying my insurance denied it, and second that it was "Walgreens policy" (to both me and Anthem), when all along it was simply her choice not to fill them! Once ERIN KRUEGER called me and told me that insurance denied the prescriptions, I had to return to the store, (at this point, I said to ERIN KRUEGER, "you should not tell someone that their insurance denied prescriptions, when it is NOT TRUE", to which she replied "that is not what is said, I said it was Walgreens policy", and I said, "No you did not", and again, she said, "yes I did", finally (rather than argue with her like a two-year old), I said, "you need to back my prescriptions out of the system and return them to me" (as instructed by Anthem, as they had already cleared for payment and filling). The paper prescriptions were returned to me by ERIN KRUEGER and I did have the prescriptions filled with no problem at another pharmacy. I would imagine that the other pharmacy does not employ liars! In the end, it did end up taking me around four hours from the time ERIN KRUEGER originally called me to get my filled prescriptions in hand. What a waste of my time! (ssware@ymail.com)