MJ Goss Motor Co

1415 Adams Ave, La Grande 97850, United States Get Directions to this spot
1415 Adams Ave
La Grande, 97850
OR, United States
(541) 963-4161

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  • Pam S.
    • 1
    • 24. Feb 2014

    REASONS NOT TO USE THIS COMPANY!!......Yesterday on our trip to basketball in Hermiston, Julie and I stopped to help a soldier in full uniform who's car had broken down. After seeing there was nothing we could do to help him, he called to get a tow. After finding out the bill would be to high he hung up and called his wife to help him try to get ahold of friends. We called MJ GOSS back and explained the situation and helped hire them to come tow him. After shaking the guys hand we said MJ GOSS would be there to get him shortly. Halfway to Pendleton GOSS calls back and told us they wouldn't do the job unless we would pay almost double the original amount, and that they didn't really have time to go as far as the soldier needed. We were furious, here we had left the guy 15 minutes before without getting his phone number. So he was waiting for the tow truck that we had said was on the way.......We explained to GOSS that he was a military member stranded alongside the road (was going to be dark in 45 minutes) and he was counting on them. Didn't get us anywhere! So we called Rock & Sons Towing and explained to them the situation. They took the job right away, and were EXTREMELY helpful. They even cut the guy a break on his bill and called us back a few hours later to let us know they had gotten him home! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE THAT LIVES IN EASTERN OREGON. That guy did not deserve to be treated like that! Thanks again Rock & Sons for helping on such short notice. —