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7125 Grand Montecito Pkwy Suite110
Las Vegas, 89149
NV, United States

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  • Victimassist V.
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    • 04. Apr 2013

    During the first visit, Dr. Levine misdiagnosed me, and before I even knew it, he had injected shots of cortisone into each foot. They were the most painful shots I have ever had in my life. Then he promptly left the room, as my feet were bleeding all over the place. Then my feet started to swell, and I called for Dr. Levine as he was walking down the hallway. I pointed to my swollen, bloody feet and asked him if this was supposed to happen. He didn't even look at them when he nonchalantly said yes, as he again scooted out of the door before I could respond. He did not have the decency to wipe the blood off of my feet. Then he gave me these cumbersome orthotics that he said I had to wear every night. I tried to explain that I had auto-immune issues and the orthotics rubbing against my legs might cause a reaction. He seemed disinterested in anything that I would say to him. I wore the orthotics one night, and the next day, my legs were swollen and there were several nasty rashes and bruises covering my feet and legs. During my next visit, Dr. Levine immediately prepared to give me the injections again, but I refused explaining that the shots only made the pain worse. He was just as rude as he was during my first visit. I felt that if I had questions, I had to get them out quickly before he left the room prematurely. Although I did not return to this office after that, the problems did not end there. A good six months after my last visit to Absolute Foot Care, I received a bill for over $200. To make a long story short, the office was uncooperative. THREE YEARS later, I received a threatening letter from a credit agency. From reading the other reviews, it appears that insurance fraud may be involved with this office. If any blemishes appear on my credit report as a result of this, the Nevada Division of Insurance WILL be contacted. Perhaps we can do a group complaint. In any case, for your own good, AVOID GOING TO THIS OFFICE, even if the location is convenient for you.