Christian's Flower Shop

4228 E Cesar E Chavez Ave, Los Angeles 90063, United States Get Directions to this spot
4228 E Cesar E Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, 90063
CA, United States
(323) 261-9905

13 reviews for Christian's Flower Shop

    • 06. Apr 2021

    I received a floral arrangement from my husband for our 35th wedding anniversary. The flowers perfectly arranged and very colorful. I felt that you really did your best just to make the flower very attractive and I am very thankful for that. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful service. Strongly recommended!

    • 06. Apr 2021

    I was very pleased with the timeframe of the delivery. I could see the actual arrangement of the flower, it was perfectly beautiful. Their staff was also very professional and very friendly. Thank you so much for making me so happy on that day! A great job to all of you! Strongly recommended service!

  • Johnlejeune59 J.
    • 3
    • 25. Mar 2021

    I cannot explain how pleased we are with our experience with this flower shop! They were responsive and incredibly independent, which is just what you need! The flowers were so much better than we would hope. The price was also very reasonable for the quality and quantity they provide. I would highly recommend them!

    • 24. Mar 2021

    You must be at the top list! What I like about your flower shop is that your flowers are all fresh and affordable. I also like your staves for being so friendly and accommodating. I was so surprised when your florist arranged the flowers into a very nice bouquet. You keep up the excellent service, guys! Highly recommended!

    • 08. Mar 2021

    Excellent personalized service and beautiful arrangements! I will definitely order some Flowers at your shop again! I am so thankful to you guys because you made my birthday very special. Thank you so much for your creativity. The flowers were absolutely beautiful! I am very happy with this service! I should strongly recommend your service here in my area!

  • Davisgleasongxhyy67 D.
    • 3
    • 05. Mar 2021

    No wonder that all the customers leave the store, smiling on their faces, knowing that they could please their loved ones because of their surprise. Also, the flowers were perfect and wonderful. I'm coming back soon. Thank you so much!

  • Hsndisdsdgbsdhh H.
    • 3
    • 13. Nov 2020

    Gorgeously done! The flowers that I ordered were provided right on, and it was beautifully arranged. This flower shop is really known for its beautiful flowers and amazing service, and I'm grateful that I was able to find them just in time. I'm certain that my wife would love these flowers, and thanks to you guys for making it happen. Keep it up!

    • 22. Sep 2020

    This is the only place delivered fresh and beautiful flowers at home for my sister's birthday. They even helped us by giving the best suggestion so that it would look more presentable. My sister was so happy when she received the flowers for it's so pretty and the smell is very much alluring.

  • Hilliard  D.
    • 2
    • 20. Jul 2020

    They have a passionate team of flower enthusiasts. The laboratory in the shop’s name is an indication of their innovation and creativity when it comes to their products. They also offer flower workshops for customers interested in floristry. This is why they have tools if you want to arrange flowers yourself. The nicest place ever!

  • Sophia  W.
    • 4
    • 08. May 2020

    Wow! This shop was beautiful and satisfying. They have elegant and well-displayed flowers. Besides, the florist who arranged the bouquet that I bought yesterday was very talented, nice, and helpful. Honestly, I was truly satisfied with the service I received in your shop. Also, I hope to visit your place soon. Thank you!

  • Lee  B.
    • 4
    • 28. Apr 2020

    This flower shop was excellent and a good choice! They provided absolutely beautiful flowers accurate for any occasion. The ambiance was quiet, smell great, and good view. Eventually, the flowers that I bought in there shop yesterday were too lovely and amazing. I greatly loved to visit this shop, for I felt refreshing. Till next time with you!

    • 20. Apr 2020

    Thank you! I greatly loved the flowers that I bought in your shop. It was all lovely and fresh. Besides, the florist arranged it perfectly and properly. With all of my heart, I thanked her for showing his best in arranging the beautiful flowers that I bought for my wife's birthday. After I give it to her, she greatly loved it. I will surely come back here to buy flowers. See you!

  • Felipe  C.
    • 4
    • 08. Apr 2020

    I need to come back because it's a good one. This flower shop was perfect for my big event. All the flowers that I badly need were inside and super fresh. I couldn't ask for more! I am 100% contented and satisfied customer here. Their arrangement was popular and very admirable. The most reliable flower shop you can visit.