Habayit Restaurant

11921 West Pico Boulevard, (opposite to Chan Dara Restaurant), Los Angeles 90064, United States Get Directions to this spot
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11921 West Pico Boulevard, (opposite to Chan Dara Restaurant)
Los Angeles, 90064
CA, United States

34 reviews for Habayit Restaurant

    • 05. Apr 2021

    Five stars for the excellent service in your restaurant! My family and I were so happy and satisfied with your dishes. Your staves were so accommodating and fast. We were so surprised when they served our order after 5 minutes of waiting. You are the best, guys! I should strongly recommend you to everyone! Thanks!

    • 05. Apr 2021

    I very much enjoy their dishes and service, good area close to where I live. The employees are always very nice. Will come back again.

  • Frankchyna F.
    • 3
    • 25. Mar 2021

    My experience has to be one of the best I've had in a long time. I highly recommend trying this beautifully owed authentic restaurant to all of my colleagues and co-workers for sure. Their staff was very helpful, accommodating, and friendly throughout the time. Cheers to more success! No hidden charges compare to other restaurants.

  • Martin R.
    • 3
    • 25. Mar 2021

    Top-notch! I visited and ate dinner here three times. I love the taste of their dishes because it was not that salty. In short, they really got my taste. I like the plating because it was so amazing. You expect me to visit your restaurant again and again. I must highly recommend you to everyone! Cheers!

  • Wsandersonmegan W.
    • 2
    • 18. Mar 2021

    Their assistance made me incredibly satisfied. This restaurant receives a perfect five-star satisfaction rating. Excellent service, the warm thick pitas are unlike anywhere else. Adorable little place. Free parking too.

    • 03. Mar 2021

    Very strongly recommended restaurant in the area! Decent taste, exceptional experience for the price. We ordered almost everything on the menu, and it was all stand out for me. Their staves were so friendly. The ambiance is so cool and classy. I would give it another try. Five stars for you, guys! Thanks a lot!

  • Hazelbrundageiafb98 H.
    • 1
    • 02. Mar 2021

    Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our family during our visit to your wonderful Restaurant. I observed that the staff were so very accommodating and informed about our special dietary needs. The place was also very cleaned and organized. I couldn't ask for more from you, guys! Highly recommended!

    • 22. Dec 2020

    Amazing place with a splendid ambiance! The waiters are super nice, and the food resonates with the Sicilian culture. If you want an amazing hand made pasta, do go here, do not even think about showing up without a reservation. We will definitely be coming back and recommend them to all of my friends.

    • 13. Nov 2020

    Lt7qKKpI8yd4Very good . I Love the service . Very nice place . Recommending to all . I love it . Totally 5 star . Good .

  • Enaidajecob5390 E.
    • 1
    • 13. Nov 2020

    Very highly recommended restaurant here in our region! I went to this restaurant to taste their bestseller food. I thanked the waitress for serving the food hot. I was so satisfied with the taste and the price. You really got my taste, guys! You expect me to eat here again! Cheers for the delicious food!

  • Tynishahafin4581 T.
    • 2
    • 13. Nov 2020

    This is a highly recommended restaurant if you want a fine dining experience. Everything is worth it from the place itself since it's very accessible for everyone and the food they served is all good and tasty. The service is also a class of its own. Already have been here several times, and always satisfied. Highly recommended!

    • 28. Sep 2020

    Yesterday, we went to this Mexican restaurant, and it was fascinating on my behalf. They got plenty of delicious foods and beverages. It was my first time tasting their cuisine, yet it was never a doubt that I happened to taste everything they served in my table. I was astonished by the smiling faces of their waiter and waitress. Perhaps, I would recommend this prestigious restaurant to my friends and workmates. My hands up with their excellence and decency.

    • 27. Sep 2020

    Amazingly wonderful restaurant. They have great ambiance and great dishes. I’ve eaten here multiple times and have never been disappointed with their service, foods, and other offerings. They also have a good wine selection. Great spot to have a fancy dinner or date. I can't believe there is a place like this. Highly recommended!

    • 28. Jul 2020

    Yesterday, we ate our lunch in this restaurant. The staff is polite, pleasant, highly trained, and good looking. You can find Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines. Everything you need for a delightful meal is here. You just can't say no to any food they served. It was all perfect and delicious. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.

  • Raul  M.
    • 4
    • 27. Jul 2020

    Amazing place to share with friends and family! All those options are exceptional, and there is no doubt about any choice. The staff are perfect! They don’t disturb you anytime and still always around you to support you. The food was exquisite! Everything you would expect from a star-rated restaurant. We will definitely come back!

  • Dodungviet288 D.
    • 2
    • 22. Jul 2020

    Highly recommended for both meetings and friends as well for having an excellent atmosphere. This restaurant was outstanding for me. I will never look for another restaurant again for sure. A loyal customer here! The quality of service they provided was amazing! They deserve great ratings. Job well done.

  • Lara  R.
    • 2
    • 20. Jul 2020

    Amazing quality. The best shish kebabs I have ever eaten. Even the most skeptical chicken-eaters will find their chicken kebabs impossibly moist, akin to the texture you'd achieve using sous vide. I recommend getting the sampler platter, which is a perfect medley of skewered meats, saffron rice, hummus, and pickled veggies for two hungry people.

  • Riyanasina5512 R.
    • 2
    • 16. Jul 2020

    Impressive foods! All my favorite foods were right here! They never fail me on my high expectations. Great interior from the outside until the inside part of the restaurant. They strive to provide us the best service that exceeds our expectations. I need to come back because it's a good one. Job well done on the presentations.

    • 16. Jul 2020

    Amazing place to eat some of your favorite foods. I was not expecting this restaurant could serve several of my favorites. I was shocked when all of my favorites were all on their menu. I was not expecting this. I got everything and it was heart warming eating it without any doubt at all. The best of the best place ever!

  • Madelyn  C.
    • 6
    • 16. Jul 2020

    Highly recommended! This was the first time I visited this restaurant, and I am grateful to myself that I came by. Their people were very helpful, accommodating, and welcoming. I never doubted coming to this place for their amazing and excellent foods. I need to come back because it's a good one. Good!

  • Kigfrjkorr K.
    • 2
    • 16. Jul 2020

    I went to this restaurant to propose to my girlfriend. It could not have been better, the view, the ambiance, and the staff. Lovely was the waiter for the evening. She played a song of my choice and filmed the proposal. All these things contributed to a perfect evening! We will come back and recommend the restaurant to my friends and family.

  • Lisameyersgre808 L.
    • 2
    • 16. Jul 2020

    I did not expect the ambiance that I'm going to experience in this restaurant. It has a perfect spot! Even the interior design was so nice, and it also has a TV screen that will make you feel so chill and entertained. The foods and the drinks they also served taste good and worth it. Honestly, I greatly loved my first visit here. Till next time!

  • Gail  S.
    • 2
    • 16. Jul 2020

    "Wow! At first, I had my doubts. There were no Sichuan cold noodles or the other one that we looked for on the menu, but those doubts were quickly gone. The hot boiled fish contained habanero peppers! A fantastic take on the dish! The cumin lamb was also decent.
    Salt and Pepper chicken is the best dish ever. I definitely recommend this place for the spicier options on the menu. Quick service and awesome food served!"

    • 15. Jun 2020

    Whether you keep Kosher or not, doesn't matter. This is homemade comfort food, just like your Momma or Bubbe used to make.A friend, who knows we love Middle Eastern food, gave us a gift certificate. What a great gift. We had matzo ball soup, Israeli salad, hummus, babaganouj, majadra and schwarma. We brought quite a bit home, as the portions are generous.

  • Eva  W.
    • 4
    • 11. Jun 2020

    Service Hamish !
    Eat here.
    I had the Israeli Salad, Turkey Shawarma Plate, Hummos and took the spicy vegetable Salad to go.
    Shawarma plate at sautéed potatoes like my mother and Hungarian aunts all made. Everything was so good!
    And the pita...not baked on site but served grilled hot. Wow!
    I will definitely be back!

    • 11. Jun 2020

    This place is amazing. We came here for lunch in a Sunday and it was packed. A real hidden gem. Everything is homemade and authentic. We had a shawarma plate to alp it that was more than enough for two people. They give you complimentary homemade veggies to start which are delicious. The schnitzel grill was amazing, tasty fresh and cooked to perfection. They serve homemade fries that are to die for. Crisp to a perfection but soft inside! Yummy. Portions are generous and I love the outdoor patio is great if u want to bring a dog. This place is a must. They also have some amazing soups I wanted to try but I was to full to get anything out. If you are in the neighborhood it's worth going to eat here, somewhere I will definitely come To again in the near future.

  • Alan  A.
    • 4
    • 10. Jun 2020

    The best! Satisfying every craving. From fresh salads to burritos and everything in between. Let's not forget the carrots!

    • 15. May 2020

    This restaurant was perfectly suited to my party. I am very happy that I was able to find this place on time. Their customer services representative was able to reserve me one day even quickly. Very helpful, accommodating, and reliable service. I will definitely be going to save their contact information for future events. Kudos!

    • 20. Apr 2020

    The view was spectacular, and the weather was cool. Eventually, the place was truly perfect to visit! Even the waiter and the waitresses in their restaurant were very respectful, responsible, and professional. They served my order properly and right. When I tasted it, it was good and delicious. I mean, this restaurant was truly perfect to visit. Don't miss this place!

    • 14. Apr 2020

    Yummy foods! I found this incredible place by accident. I never thought their foods would taste this incredible. This was the first time I visited this place, and I am happy that I did. Their staff was very helpful accommodating, and effective for their jobs. Highly recommended for both meetings and friends as well for having an excellent atmosphere.

  • Hilary  C.
    • 4
    • 06. Apr 2020

    You got me at "mimosas for $1"! Which by the way, are amazing!
    Kathleen's just became my favorite place for Sunday brunch!

  • Jessie  P.
    • 4
    • 06. Apr 2020

    Very clean and the staff was very active and professional. The food was very delicious, from the presentation to the taste of every dish. The dessert experience was also cool too. I really love coming back here again and again. Thank you so much for your kindness, guys! I can really recommend your services to all of my friends here in our area!

    • 06. Apr 2020

    I absolutely love this place! The selection area was clean and neat. Great prices are good to have and everything was fresh. Cheers to more success! A truly enjoyable music selection and delicious foods. This place was a hidden gem. I will surely come back again and again with my friends next time around. No hidden charges compared to others!

    • 02. Apr 2020

    Following a beautiful walk in the fresh snow, we went to this restaurant for lunch. It was in the lovely upstairs room for 12 of us. The service was excellent with two lovely ladies looking after us. The food was really good. I had a salad which was perfect for my needs. Everyone said that they enjoyed their lunch. We will come back!