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7 reviews for Maritime Documentation

  • AndresA
    • 1
    • 28. Jan 2019

    After a plumbing incident, most of our downstairs was flooded and everything had water damage, including some official papers. Replacing most of those proved to be harder than we though and required a lot of trips to different offices but not the certificate of documentation for our boat since we could just order a replacement from the website of Maritime Documentation. The procedure was quite simple and stress free. Just wish more documents can be replaced as easy and fast. Thanks for your help guys!

  • BlancaRodriquez
    • 3
    • 25. Jan 2019

    The Maritime Documentation site is the place to go when in need of any kind of paperwork for your vessel, either is changing the address or a COD Replacement, anything you need for your boat you will find on their website. Highly grateful to Maritime Documentation for all their help in my situation. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help.

  • RosemarieP
    • 1
    • 22. Jan 2019

    What a fantastic platform for all your vessel needs!! Very impressed with the promptness and easiness of the process. Just submitted my renewal forms, paid the fees needed and it was over. I am very relieved that I didn't have to stay in long line and deal with tired or angry people. Thanks,Maritime Documentation Center!!

  • JonathanS
    • 2
    • 14. Jan 2019

    After a long search online I found Maritime Documentation and on their website all the forms I needed to register my boat.I was so happy that the whole process was so easy and now I am free to enjoy my boat.Highly grateful that I found Maritime Documentation and would recommend them to anyone.

  • DorisB
    • 1
    • 09. Jan 2019

    Thanks to the Maritime Documentation website I was able to delete my boat from the records in a few easy steps.No hassle,no fuss,just a few forms completed online and the job was done.I am grateful that I found Maritime Documentation and I highly recommend it to anyone in need.

  • Albert  D.
    • 1
    • 30. Nov 2017

    First time user of Maritime Documentation and my experience was amazing.I thought it would be a nightmare getting the documentation for my yacht,but with Maritime Documentation, the whole process was a breeze.Thanks again,guys! You really made my experience pleasant.Highly recommended!

  • Donnie  B.
    • 1
    • 24. Nov 2017

    We became the proud owners of a boat recently and we were dreading the whole paperwork process.That was until we found the Maritime Documentation website.We completed a few forms and submitted them and it was all done.We didn't even had to leave our home.Thanks to Maritime Documentation we can fully enjoy our boat and we recommend it to anyone for any vessel registration needs.