Los Angeles, 90065
CA, United States

8 reviews for Meileen Coffee

    • 05. Apr 2021

    This coffee shop has the coziest and homiest place in the city. They have the finest and aromatic coffee beans than any other coffee shop. It is our daily routine to drop by and have a sip before going to work and have our morning coffee. I love the smell of the coffee before sipping.

  • Whitehairhirthefbfi08 W.
    • 3
    • 19. Mar 2021

    The best coffee shop in the city! The place was very cozy and they had great coffee and pastries, too. Their service was fast and I have been here for a year now. Their service and good food are still consistent. I recommend this anyone who finds great coffee with the best ambiance coffee shop in the city.

  • Whitehairhirthefbfi08 W.
    • 3
    • 19. Mar 2021

    I usually visited this coffee shop when I got bored at my house. I really like this coffee shop because they served the best coffee in town. The place was so quiet and relaxing as well, which I like the most. The crews were very polite and kind as well. The pastry they had was mouthwatering. I can't wait to visit this coffee shop again.

    • 03. Mar 2021

    Very affordable and wonderful coffee shop here in our area! Last Monday night, I came here to relax while sipping your hot mochaccino. I was so happy and satisfied with your service, guys. Thanks to your staff for saving my order immediately. You expect me to recommend your shop to everyone! Thanks a lot!

    • 02. Mar 2021

    This place is so good! The coffee selection was very good and amazing. This place is a great place to study with not too loud music and great coffee and an abundance of seating and outlets. I also really like the staff, very accommodating and understanding. I highly recommend this coffee shop to everyone.

    • 29. Jul 2020

    I absolutely enjoyed every time I visited this shop! The coffee and foods were delicious and OK. Besides, the waiters/waitresses working there were very accommodating, kind, and nice to the customers. The place was also captivating and nice, for it was clean, comfortable, and stylish. Overall, this shop was excellent and nice. Thanks!

  • Rishaakter26649 R.
    • 2
    • 23. Jul 2020

    The flavor of a morning coffee was comforting and exciting that was the reason why I don't miss drinking coffee every day. I always choose this place too for it's cozy and the design theme is appealing especially if you like taking a photo for Instagram. The bartender was very cool and responsive! This is an ideal place for me!

    • 14. May 2020

    My boyfriend and I went to this coffee shop thrice during our stay and even went once for lunch. The servings at breakfasts were excellent and also delicious. We both had Blonde Caramel Brulée Latte, which was by far the most popular in this coffee shop for their signature blends. We will be coming back again!