Nenas Beauty Shop

2813 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles 90007, United States Get Directions to this spot
2813 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, 90007
CA, United States
(323) 733-9098

9 reviews for Nenas Beauty Shop

    • 28. Sep 2020

    I was bored with my curly and dark hair, that’s why I decided to visit a beauty shop near my house to change my look. Their way of serving me was full of passion and excellence. At the end of the day, I truly loved the idea that my hair was straight with some highlights that truly captured my exotic beauty. I’ll keep on coming back for more because of their good treatment and accommodation. Congratulations!

  • Cindyohara19 C.
    • 3
    • 27. Sep 2020

    This beauty shop is my new favorite shop from now on. I got astounded by the beauty products they had. They had a variety of beauty products to choose from. I like the Korean products that they sell. The staff was so approachable and kind as well. You guys were the best. I will visit again your shop.

  • Cruickshankjewel89 C.
    • 3
    • 27. Sep 2020

    My one-stop-shop beauty shop. This shop has it all from my hairdo to my nails and skincare this shop has it all. Every time that I visited this shop. I feel energized and happy. Thank you for always keeping me beautiful. I love my new hairstyle. I will surely recommend your shop to my friends.

  • Freya6754hal F.
    • 2
    • 29. Jul 2020

    Wonderful service, good quality products, and amazing staff. This beauty shop is the best among others because of the beautiful and affordable service they provided. Their staffs are highly trained and very professional, and the products are reliable. I was greatly satisfied with the outcome of the service, and I would be honored to recommend them to all. Thank you so much! Keep it up!

    • 28. Jul 2020

    I came here a total mess, and the beautician was awesome and completely fixed my color and length issues. As a result, my hair feels healthier and looks better than it has in a while. Also, for the information of everyone, their shop was totally amazing. It was a clean, relaxing, and beautiful view. That is why I visited here again and again. I'll always be a customer. Thanks!

    • 23. Jul 2020

    It was a nice experience for me for the first time. Lea was awesome to deal with. I pretty love their affordable offered services. I will never look for another Beauty Shop again for sure. I am deeply impressed by how they handled the service correctly with no hassles at all. A 100% satisfied and contented customer here!

  • Marie  B.
    • 3
    • 21. Jul 2020

    My ordered beauty products have good quality. I enjoyed using it every day. It was suited to my skin color. I loved my choice of having a nice lipstick and a cream foundation. The important thing is that we should be careful in choosing the right product for our skin, especially to our face since it is the most sensitive part. Thank you guys for your beautiful product!

    • 21. Jul 2020

    I love my nice nails! Thank you to this fantastic Beauty shop for accommodating my needs on time as expected. I will never look for another Beauty shop again for sure. A loyal customer here forever! It was a nice experience for me for the first time. A five-stars satisfaction rating all the way! A perfect place for me.

    • 21. Jul 2020

    Adriana did a great job on a cut and color! She did beautiful work and very friendly to the customers like me. Besides, I loved the result of my hair-look. It was captivating and satisfying. If given a chance to make some makeover for myself, I will surely come back here to your shop because all the beauticians did great for the customers. Others must come. You won't be disappointed!!