Nick's Coffee Shop

8536 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles 90035, United States Get Directions to this spot
8536 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, 90035
CA, United States
(310) 652-3567

14 reviews for Nick's Coffee Shop

  • Andyochoa1280 A.
    • 3
    • 25. Mar 2021

    A very nice Coffee shop in the area! I really loved this place because it was not crowded. This place has a great ambiance. The coffee that they had was not too strong. The cakes that they had were freshly baked and delicious as well. You keep up the nice and reliable service here in our region! Thanks!

  • Vaikinartomn V.
    • 3
    • 25. Mar 2021

    This is my go-to coffee shop for many years. What I like about this shop is that I can stay longer as much as I would like to and internet speed is so fast. This place became our hideout with my boyfriend. This place is my second home. The staff is all friendly, accommodating, and very welcoming. The prices are also affordable. Thank you!

  • Mbrownlisa062 M.
    • 3
    • 25. Mar 2021

    What I like about this place is that it doesn't get that too crowded & noisy. So that means the atmosphere is a bit relaxing and you will definitely find your quiet time here! The coffee is just as great though. This coffee shop is the best one which I support and love, it is an ideal place for an after-meal (lunch or dinner) talk over coffee cakes or pastries. I really like this place so much! Must try!

    • 22. Dec 2020

    It has a unique place more than just a coffee shop. It has good coffee and pastries. The staff, the food, the place are all top class. Prices are reasonable as well.

    • 13. Nov 2020

    Consistently great coffee and very relaxed environment.

    • 27. Sep 2020

    Oh, my! This coffee shop was good to stop over and visit! I came here a couple of weeks ago. The coffee that the waiter served to me was ashy and caramel. I like it so much. It must be my first time here in your shop, but I greatly have quality time. Also, I loved the attitudes of the waiters. They wore a smile when they served customers and entertained us well. Besides, I felt comfortable and relaxed when I was around this shop. Thank you!

    • 27. Jul 2020

    This coffee shop is worth visiting because of its amazing taste of coffee and impressive services. The staffs are also amazing because they managed to handle my request easily and even made me feel so comfortable. It was really the nicest place that I've been to, and I'm sure that I will be considering this coffee shop to be my number one option from now on. Thanks a lot!

  • Archie  F.
    • 4
    • 27. Jul 2020

    These guys make really nice coffee, in general. As we came in, we're greeted by the staff members nicely. I could really see their lovely faces. Thus, we're very much comfortable at that time. There were also oldies craved for coffee. I'm sure, all of them enjoying the day while savoring the tasty coffee. It was always my way to get some for a day.

  • Hmurraycruz H.
    • 2
    • 24. Jul 2020

    Al is amazing and very friendly. I went to this coffee shop this morning, and he was the one who made my coffee. This coffee shop has the best organic, high-quality teas and coffees that I have tasted. The place is as perfect as their coffee, very quaint and cozy. All coffee lovers must stop by this place! Don't miss to try their Cappuccino, guys!

    • 20. Jul 2020

    If you are a coffee lover, this coffee shop is the best place to go! Excellent coffee, and I can tell that the baristas are very passionate about delivering high-quality coffee. One of them especially knows how to make lots of cafe latte art, not only the usual leaf and heart. I'm also addicted to their Piccolo Latte. A must try!

    • 20. Jul 2020

    The lattes here in this coffee shop is one of my favorites! Their barista is really masterful when making coffee, and the services are top-notch. These guys really have the best service and high-quality coffee that you can acquire at a good price. I will surely recommend this shop to everyone who loves coffee! Very worth it!

    • 16. Jun 2020

    Who would've thought! I'm not a super big diner person because I always just preferred iHop if I wanted to go that route for brunch, but this place puts iHop to SHAME.Amazing food, the sweetest people ever, and such a good vibe.

    • 16. Jun 2020

    Ordered the chorizo eggs Benedict from Hanna and it was honestly WOW. The flavors, the unlimited coffee refills WOW WOW, I will Definitely be back. The next time I came, I brought a date. I tried the eggs Benedict again but this time with the nova locks. And double WOW again so good.

    • 01. Apr 2020

    Very affordable coffee shop in the area! Last Monday, I came and ordered your flat white and tuna salad. I was so surprised when your staff served my order quickly. I love the taste because it was not so sweet. You are the best among the rest, guys! I should highly recommend you to everyone! Thanks a lot!