Petrossian Boutique

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599 World Way
Los Angeles, 90045
CA, United States
(800) 828-9241

10 reviews for Petrossian Boutique

  • Leslie  D.
    • 2
    • 23. Jul 2020

    We had the opportunity of working with Alexa today. She was delightful to work with very friendly, supportive, and amazingly helpful. It was a joy working with her. We have purchased our daughter's wedding dress at this boutique. We will be back because of Alexa and recommend the place to my friends.

  • Shelly  C.
    • 4
    • 08. May 2020

    My daughter will turn 18 this coming April, and I don't know what to wear, so I went to this boutique yesterday. The place was clean, stylish, and captivating. Besides, the staff that entertained me at that time was talented, knows what fits my size, and professional. Eventually, I left their boutique, bringing the beautiful dress and accessories that I bought. Thanks!

  • Nikki  M.
    • 6
    • 05. May 2020

    The staff was extremely helpful in assisting us in finding the perfect dress for my sister's birthday. She was so accommodating and approachable as well. She made sure that my sister would look stunning on her birthday. She chooses the color and the style according to my sister's body figure and skin tone color. Wow, such an amazing boutique it was!

  • Summer  G.
    • 4
    • 05. May 2020

    I loved your shop and all the selection available. The staff helped me pick my perfect dress. She was so cool and approachable. She made sure that the dress would give me a stunning look for my party. It feels like I'm one of a Disney princess wearing this dress. A highly recommended boutique!

  • Elis  M.
    • 4
    • 05. May 2020

    I was looking for a boutique that has a nice collection of dresses. Good thing I found this boutique downtown. They had a lot of nice dresses from cocktail to long dresses. Aside from dresses, they had also pants, short skirts, and nice blouses. This boutique has it all. The best boutique ever.

    • 29. Apr 2020

    I acquired my dress and accessories from this boutique, and it was nice because it was affordable. These guys really have the best styles and beautiful products that you can choose from. It was indeed a nice place to visit when you are looking for any dresses or any accessories that you needed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    • 28. Apr 2020

    Every time I passed this certain boutique, I always stare at their displays. Until such time that I had some guts to open up their fascinating door and welcomed myself from the elegant and classy designs they had. Even if their displays were in high amounts, it was worth it and good in the hood. I bought some prestigious clothes that fit my style. Also, I was impressed with their treatment of me being their innocent customer. Unlike any other, they haven’t made me feel like I was rubber in their boutique. Thank you!

    • 07. Apr 2020

    These ladies are so great. It was such amazing customer service, excellent advice. They made sure that you had the best dress. I love all the collection of dresses they had. From vintage to modern dresses, it was indeed incredible. Huge thanks to the lady who helped me choose a great dress. I will surely visit this shop again.

  • Jackcoperez J.
    • 4
    • 02. Apr 2020

    I love the dog that I had bought in your pet shop! I was so happy that I found your shop with the help of my mother last Friday afternoon. I also like your staff because he was very honest and friendly. I was so glad that I chose your pet shop to buy a new dog. I was very happy to recommend your shop to everyone!

    • 01. Apr 2020

    What a lovely place to visit! Honestly, all of the gowns, dresses, and accessories that they displayed in their shop were quite satisfying and worth it. Besides, I greatly loved the dresses that I bought just yesterday. With the help of the staff that was working there also, I left their boutique with a smile. Eventually, their place was perfect and very good to visit when looking for some fashion needs. Till next time!