Seree's Coffee Shop

2800 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles 90007, United States Get Directions to this spot
2800 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, 90007
CA, United States
(213) 747-8233

21 reviews for Seree's Coffee Shop

    • 22. Dec 2020

    Bravo for the excellent service that you have! I thanked all of your staves for accommodating me yesterday. I was so happy that they serve my order earlier than 5 minutes. The place was so cozy, and it made me relaxed. Thank you for the delicious coffee and dessert, guys! Until next time! I must highly recommend you to everyone!

  • Abcdpqrsz A.
    • 2
    • 22. Dec 2020

    I love the place, the coffee, the cakes that are available in your coffee shop. I have been visiting your shop many times, but still, you didn't fail to change my impressions about your excellent services, guys. Your staves were so accommodating and friendly to the customers. For me, you are one of the best coffee shops here in our region!

    • 13. Nov 2020

    Friendly staff! Good selection of coffee. Coffee done properly.

    • 28. Sep 2020

    I got a stressful week because of my activities and projects, that’s why I planned on chilling out to this coffee shop. As I came here, I ordered the best and finest coffee they had. It tastes good and perfect. My heart was captivated by their designs and furniture. This gave me a reason to take some pictures that could make my Instagram look classy and amazing. Well, I won’t forget that the crews were decent and professional to accommodate my request. They served me well, and there’s nothing I could ask for more.

  • Sonia  W.
    • 3
    • 22. Sep 2020

    This place is so good! The coffee selection was very good and amazing. This place is a great place to study with not too loud music and great coffee and an abundance of seating and outlets. I also really like the staff, very accommodating and understanding. I highly recommend this coffee shop to everyone.

    • 27. Jul 2020

    This place is really a good place for people who wants to relax. A very cozy place with free Wi-Fi and their foods and coffees are all affordable. The place is very quiet and the ambiance is perfect for students and those who just wanna hang out. This is my preferred place when I need some time. I really loved the place. Thank you!

    • 24. Jul 2020

    When I got bored at home. This place is my remedy for that. I really like this place so much. It has a good ambiance and friendly staff. The coffee, pies, and cakes they had were indeed delicious, satisfying, and affordable as well. The place is not too crowded in which I really like the most. The barista was so friendly and approachable. The internet connection was so fast. It was indeed a great place.

    • 22. Jul 2020

    It has a unique place more than just a coffee shop. It has good coffee and pastries. The staff, the food, the place are all top class. Prices are reasonable as well.

  • Kaira  F.
    • 2
    • 16. Jul 2020

    I love the place and the owners are very nice, very polite and the place is clean. I recommend it to anyone.Just the best. The Teriyaki beef combo with noodles and rice is perfection.Great food, friendly service. I love this place!

    • 16. Jun 2020

    Delicious food. Amazing people. The combo soup is awesome. I highly recommend eating at this gem. Home style Chinese. Thanks Kenny and sherry

  • Olivia  M.
    • 4
    • 05. May 2020

    This coffee shop is a very nice place to work on your creative projects. The ambiance is very mellow and the staff is all accommodating. They have it all, good coffee and cakes, fast WiFi, and such beautiful interior design. I would recommend this to students who want to find a nice place to study or professionals who want to be productive with work. I always love coming here. Thank you!

  • Pauline  F.
    • 4
    • 05. May 2020

    Such an ideal place to drink coffee and eat some desserts. I will definitely be going to visit this awesome place again for sure. A five-stars satisfaction rating all the way for this coffee shop. Trust me! You will never be disappointed for sure! I am deeply impressed by how they handled everything precisely with no hassles at all.

    • 29. Apr 2020

    I really had a great time while having my coffee here in this coffee shop. The atmosphere was really nice and relaxing, and I'm impressed because their servers are very responsive to my request. I will surely come back again and even bring my co-workers with me to have some coffee and chill. Thank you so much!

    • 29. Apr 2020

    The lattes here in this coffee shop is one of my favorites! Their barista is really masterful when making coffee, and the services are top-notch. These guys really have the best service and high-quality coffee that you can acquire at a good price. I will surely recommend this shop to everyone who loves coffee! Very worth it!

  • Ellis  K.
    • 5
    • 06. Apr 2020

    If you're looking for a quiet place to work, this coffee shop is the best to go to. From good coffee to free wi-fi, they also have outlets perfect for work. The space is clean, relaxed, and seemed to offer a perfect space for socializing, working on a laptop, reading a book, or just watching the world pass by. I will definitely come back here soon.

    • 06. Apr 2020

    This place has a great ambiance and they have a unique design. Very refreshing place and it is quiet. All of the staff are attentive and accommodating. The price of the coffee and the foods was a little bit pricey but it was all worth it. It would be one of the reasons why should I come back here again! Thank you very much and keep up the good work always.

  • Lindacomartinez L.
    • 4
    • 02. Apr 2020

    I can really say that this Coffee Shop is the best in this area because they served the most delicious coffee in the town. The bittersweet taste of it was really my style. The aroma was so relaxing. The cakes and pastries they had were very satisfying. Especially, their brunch very delicious it is a must-try!

  • Ayah  D.
    • 4
    • 01. Apr 2020

    I am SO excited to have a Sightglass in LA! This is one of my favorite roasters, and it has been done SO well. It's nicer than the one in SF. I ordered an iced vanilla paste latte and panna cota- both paired so well together.

    • 01. Apr 2020

    Delicious coffee! We've been here thrice. We always love their coffee, it's either hot or cold. We tried their Froccino and it was the best. We ordered also cinnamon dolce latte and blueberry cheesecake, all of them are so yummy! Thus, we decided to come back here with my other friends because we wanted to invite them next time around.

    • 01. Apr 2020

    Cheers to more customers in the future! This coffee shop was one of my favorite places to chill out right now. No hidden charges compared to others! Their ambiance throughout the place was terrific! Try their services and you won’t regret it for sure. Highly recommended for both meetings and friends as well for having an excellent atmosphere.

    • 01. Apr 2020

    This place serves the best coffee at a very affordable price. The food is always amazing as well as the desserts. It's very comfortable and the people working here are nice. Great tasting coffee, nice ambiance, and reasonably priced menu. Definitely one of the best coffee shops in the area. I hope to be back here soon!