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  • Yong R.
    • 2
    • 29. Jul 2020

    This shopping mall is the greatest! I'm so happy because everything that I needed was definitely here, and the location is easy to access. The food court is nice, and any other variety of stores are available here. For me, this would be the best shopping mall ever! I will surely come back here and stroll even more!

    • 28. Jul 2020

    Everything about this grocery shop is perfect. They have everything I need at a very affordable price. They have a great selection of dry goods, fairly adequate vegetables, and fruit choice. And also, the meats and poultry looked very fresh. The price range of the products are so much cheaper than the larger competition and for sure its hard to not stay so long here because there are so many other shops to explore!

    • 27. Jul 2020

    I was having the best time with my friends! This shopping center really has it all, and I'm pleased because everything here was so amazing. The foods, stores, boutiques, and many more are really awesome and are just at a good price. This mall is certainly the best place to stroll around together with your friends or family.

    • 23. Jul 2020

    I went to this mall yesterday morning to buy new clothes, and I wanted to tell every one of you that I enjoyed it. The saleslady and cashiers were quite helpful and accommodating. Also, when I roamed around in the entire mall, I find it beautiful and comfortable. Besides, I promise to come back and buy another set of clothes. Thank you for the service!

  • Gray  E.
    • 2
    • 21. Jul 2020

    Aside from being one of the best shopping events here in the city, this mall is also known for its variety of foods in their food corner. Whenever I visit here, I always look for my favorite Chinese dim sum. Their prices are affordable and the food is so yummy. This is a must-try for food adventurers!

    • 20. Jul 2020

    It was a very enjoyable day spending time with this mall. There were a few sit-down restaurants to eat and a food court area on the upper level. Also, there was a mix of popular brand stores and department store brands. This mall was a very good place to visit when shopping. It provides our needs.

  • Rochelle  P.
    • 2
    • 17. Jul 2020

    This shopping center was my favorite place to spend my weekend. I like this place a lot because it was so well-organized and has a huge food court and restaurant. The comfort rooms were very accessible and very clean as well. The staves were very friendly and accommodating as well. Also, every weekend they had a great deal.

  • Elizabe  G.
    • 2
    • 16. Jul 2020

    We visited this mall most days during our two weeks' stay here. We have young children and teens. We loved the grocery store downstairs. It had a fresh bakery, a fantastic coffee shop, delicious deli, and vegan and gluten-free specialty groceries available. We also visited bowling and the movie theater. Great facility!

  • Isabel  H.
    • 4
    • 13. May 2020

    Unquestionably, the best shopping center in the area! I really had a great time here with my family because everything that we needed was here. The food outlets are fully packed, and there are so many choices. It was really a pleasure to come here, and we will definitely come back here soon. Strongly recommended!

  • Elis  M.
    • 4
    • 08. May 2020

    This shopping mall was very convenient for people trying to spend time with their family and also trying to buy things for them. Many shops have their specialty in needs. Several places allow your kids as well to spend some time an indoor playground to play. If you are local, this place has several shops that offer enhancement brands.

  • Brenda  C.
    • 4
    • 08. May 2020

    Fantastic! This mall was the best place I know. It was clean, big, and safe to walk in and out, for it was secured with CCTV's. Also, the saleslady and cashiers that were working were all very pleasant and accommodating to the customers like me. Eventually, all the bags and clothes that I bought in your shop were in brands and very good quality. Till next time! Thanks!

  • Johanna  S.
    • 2
    • 05. May 2020

    I decided to go shopping for this morning because I wanted to buy some nice clothes for my daughter’s birthday. Little did I knew, this mall that I went in was pretty fantastic. The saleslady was amazing and hospitable to cater to my needs. When I already have the thing that I needed, I immediately run to the cashier, and they greeted me “good morning” so nicely. I was in so much gratefulness with their goodness and professionalism. I would come back again and again. Have a great day!

  • Dawn  M.
    • 4
    • 05. May 2020

    This was a great shopping center to enjoy the day. I got my new bags and a pair of shoes. I will visit this shopping center again for sure together with my family. The staff who accommodated me was very professional, entertaining, and helpful for me. I honestly love this place. I'll be giving them my 100% satisfaction. Splendid!

    • 27. Apr 2020

    A great mall that is well organized and best of all. It has a huge food court with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Also, you can't get lost here because they have a customer service every floor, which you could ask for a direction. Also, this mall is an eco-friendly environment.