Ruben B Dennis

1765 Ferry Street, Madison 35758, United States Get Directions to this spot
1765 Ferry Street
Madison, 35758
AL, United States

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  • Emma E.
    • 5
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    • 25. Apr 2012

    Awesome, my fave asian restaurant in town, fresh and delicious. I particularly love the thai basilicum dishes. YUMMY!

  • imprints
    • 163
    • 19
    • 17. Apr 2012

    The last time I came back here recently, I had the epiphany (and the accumulated experience) that there are so many more better places in Vienna to eat - such as Saigon around the corner, which is simply delicious. This place definitely benefits from references like Lonely Planet though.

  • Serrano K.
    • 1
    • 12. Mar 2012

    Not memorable. I had rice noodles with vegetables and jasmin the, it was just o.k. Service is fast and courteous; Prices are affordable also. Maybe if you are already in the area; otherwise Is not worth the trip.

  • Jay G.
    • 166
    • 19
    • 05. Mar 2012

    People seem to either like this place or not. It's OK only for me - the chicken was a little dry for my taste and it's very crowded but the service is prompt, they do a bit of showcase "cooking", and the noodles are decent overall. Maybe because I have eaten in Asia many times, so it is a bit harder to impress me in these aspects. Nevertheless, a nice place to hang out and enjoy a bowl of noodles with friends. Busy.

  • Zakkdu13 Z.
    • 1
    • 13. Apr 2011

    very good place, i like it

  • Munee S.
    • 17
    • 8
    • 03. Sep 2010

    Surprising good. I had the vegetable noodle soup. The broth was good and the noodles hand made. Glad I tried the food there! Haven't tried the rice bowls yet but will go back!

  • Nina
    • 44
    • 69
    • 24. Jul 2010

    Ideal for a quick lunch. Good selection of noodle soups and rice dishes. Liked the ricebowl with chicken and ginger.

  • TravellerSam
    • 16
    • 7
    • 15. Feb 2009

    Tasty, promptly served food for a fair price.
    Crowded place, indeed.

  • Maven
    • 12
    • 3
    • 11. Feb 2009

    I recently made it to the restaurant, after having visited the Disco below--which is a nighttime favorite (though I wouldn't call it a hotspot). Cocktails are half off on Tuesdays.

    If you're looking for a bar with a dance floor, and lots of darkly lit seating, this is the place. DJs have limited selection, mostly just hits and oldies, plus house and electronica.

    As for the food up-stairs, I was satisfied. We came during the evening rush, and were treated to three glasses of prosecco at the bar, while we waited (such hospitality is rare in Vienna). Also were given a "gutschein" for a free cocktail in the lounge.

    Still, it's worth a stop-in, and definitely a place you can go to dance without crowds and in non-intimidating atmosphere.

  • Absinthe
    • 68
    • 48
    • 25. Nov 2008

    A nice place that is unfortunately usually very packed when I decide to go there so making reservations beforehand might not be the baddest of all ideas.
    The food is good, the menu sometimes a little confusing and the place usually very packed and therefore not really inviting. Sitting outside in summer is very nice, though.

  • last_shit
    • 84
    • 30
    • 16. Jul 2008

    good food for a fair price. THE spot to get ramen in vienna. stylish furnishing. nice employees.
    I like that place. fresh self-made noodles! YUM!

  • Philippe
    • 8
    • 6
    • 30. Dec 2007

    A well known modern Thai restaurant, the Ra'mien is unfortunately unable to deliver on its reputation's promise - the noodles aren't bad and it's nice to see them be prepared on the spot, but there is a blandness to the food that extends all the way to the curry.
    Downstairs there's a gimmicky Thai style cocktail bar that seems to attract mainly jocks and business folk.
    Not my cup of noodles.

  • lilmy
    • 12
    • 2
    • 05. Dec 2007

    this place is an absolute gem. some of the finest pho I've ever had. the noodles are fresh-made, the broth is delicious. I have also had a rice dish there which was equally excellent. highly recommended!

  • Avery Q.
    • 1
    • 22. Oct 2007

    The greatest noodle house in Vienna! Found this gem the first night in Vienna and craved their duck la mein everyday day from that daz on. Often times they offer a complimentary glass of champagne and/or dessert. Servers also give out discounts for drinks at the bar down stairs. We had one poor sole in our group that was so depressed they were closed on Mondays that he just wanted to fly back is that good! Some of us started ordering several bowls because we didn´t want to run out while eating. When in Vienna, you have gotta try it! Yum.........fresh cut handmade noodles in a soup with a hot tasty broth served with plenty of succulent duck pieces, it will hit the spot and you will be craving for more.

  • Esad H.
    • 22
    • 7
    • 18. Jun 2007

    I have no idea how this great place got such bad reviews. It must be the reviewers :)

    The (la mien) noodles taste really great, the service is very friendly and relatively fast. Ok, the cocktail bar in the basement is strange but it has nice gimmicks - like flip a coin where you don't have to pay for the cocktail if you win.

    Phil is across the street, so what I prefer is eating noodles and then heading to phil for something sweet and coffee.

  • oneup
    • 9
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    • 17. Jun 2007

    Been there once, didn't like it too much. The food tastes kind of odd, respectively doesn't taste like anything at all. Plus the atmosphere isn't that cool (music).

  • c3o
    • 56
    • 44
    • 17. Jun 2007

    I don't like it. The food tastes bland (at least to me) and the club downstairs is tacky. Not my kind of crowd, either.

  • tobe
    • 86
    • 70
    • 12. Jan 2007

    Ra'mien offers much for the eye (a gorgeous opium-den style section and basement), a little too much for the ear (the accoustics are horrible, talking results in a shouting match) and an average menu that follows the nu-skool-cool of asian food mix.

    I'd recommend going there for the fun, if a little shallow basement club. The food costs too much and tastes a tad too generic.

  • Jurie
    • 218
    • 74
    • 23. Dec 2006

    Perhaps the best known of the durchgestylte pan-asian restaurants, complete with cool creation myth / origin story about the interior of a Chinese restaurant from Berlin that was shipped to Vienna.

    Some people don't like it, but I do. Cute interior decoration, attractive wait staff, good food for a decent price, and a killer cocktail bar in the basement. What else does one want?

    The only thing I could complain about is their supercomplex menu with various groups of dishes coming on- and offline at certain times. I once managed to be in the 60 minute time window where there was, basically, no food. But meh, it's pretty rare.

    If someone knows a place with better pad thai in Vienna: let me know.