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40 reviews for Law Offices of Theodore H. Enfield, P.A.

  • Ambersomara65 A.
    • 7
    • 18. Feb 2014

    Mr. Enfield, is a true fighter for his clients. He always has control and thinks long term, very caring, and hard working. I hope to continue our relationship with his Family law office in the future.

  • Lindaknoff89 L.
    • 7
    • 31. Jan 2014

    If I may share, I have known Theodore for many years, and have had the great pleasure of seeing his courtroom skills during many of his hearings. I respect him handling of clients and cases, and of his ongoing focus on doing what's best for his clients.

  • Elenabrosh77 E.
    • 7
    • 15. Jan 2014

    My experience with this law office exceeded my most optimistic hopes! They helped me in a very timely and efficient manner. The greatly experienced Miami divorce lawyer Mr. Theodore Enfield lawyers is great and collaborative, always with an eye to cost and benefit, while being always available, informative and proactively asserting my interests in a very complicated case.

  • Franludmy73 F.
    • 7
    • 07. Jan 2014

    Thank you Mr. Enfield and all of Theodore Enfield team for standing by me during these unpleasant times. Your knowledge, experience and advice were exactly what I needed. I will not hesitate to call on you again. Sincerely, Fran Ludmy.

  • Kathleentorres89 K.
    • 7
    • 26. Dec 2013

    Mr. Enfield, you have an amazing team there and I've already recommended you firm to others. You were the voices of calm and peace for such a crazy time in my life and I'll always appreciate that. I received an amazing service. Thank you so much!

  • Nicholasbonavie82 N.
    • 7
    • 17. Dec 2013

    I would like to say Thank you again. Theodore Enfield is professional, easy to talk to and understanding. The matters he encountered were handled professionally and delicately when necessary. He did not give me false expectations. I recommend him with all of my heart.

  • Margaretsunny70 M.
    • 7
    • 05. Dec 2013

    Great service. T. Enfield gave me hope, but he didn’t do that by telling me what I wanted to hear.
    Mr. Enfield was knowledgeable, communicated with me constantly and resolved issues. I would tell anyone to hire him first before wasting money on any other attorney in miami.

  • Sonianovak76 S.
    • 7
    • 25. Nov 2013

    Mr. Enfield, thank you so much for your knowledge, support and direction and most importantly your personal service. You made a difficult situation almost easy. Everyone at the Miami office was professional and friendly. I would suggest Theodore Enfield for child custody matters to anyone. Thank you so much!

  • Mattrobinson67 M.
    • 6
    • 15. Nov 2013

    This is a very efficient, cost-effective family lawyer in miami with a wealth of knowledge and great client relations. I always received a quick response. My divorce was finalized within 3 weeks. I am a very satisfied client.

  • Sandyrudolf72 S.
    • 6
    • 08. Nov 2013

    My experience with Theodore Enfield family law office in miami, was professional and beyond exceptional. I made the mistake of defending myself and then needed legal help to bail me out. Mr. Enfield’s expertise helped me solve the case in a way that it benefited me and my children greatly. I will recommend him to anyone facing difficult times as mine.

  • Dominicpatt7474 D.
    • 6
    • 28. Oct 2013

    I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to Ted Enfield, a child custody lawyer for everything he has done for me. I went through a hectic time with my child custody battle and I could not have expected a better outcome or a better person as a lawyer. We all thank you very much Mr. Enfield!

  • Ruthlawrence72 R.
    • 4
    • 22. Oct 2013

    I really appreciated working with Ted to obtain a divorce. He was incredibly helpful and gave me an excellent advice and service. I highly recommend him!

  • Roselynmarks70 R.
    • 6
    • 15. Oct 2013

    The best move I ever made was hiring Mr. Enfield to represent me in my divorce case. He kept me posted regarding the status of my case quite often. He was also well prepared when we needed to appear in court. He was so good, in fact, I rarely needed to say anything!

  • Harryjohnson99 H.
    • 5
    • 08. Oct 2013

    when I met Ted Enfield I really didn't know what to expect from a divorce lawyer since I never got a legal advice before. Facing the difficult times with my wife at the time Mr. Enfield's advice has helped me a lot and he's been there through the whole divorce process. I can't imagine working with anybody else, he was professional enough to keep me grounded and make smart moves throughout this unfortunate time. Thank you Mr. Enfield.

  • Jennyhudson22 J.
    • 5
    • 30. Sep 2013

    Do not hesitate to hire Mr. Enfield for family law matters. He is very experienced and attentive. He went “above and beyond” representing and supporting my daughter in her child's paternity case. I recommend him with high regard.

  • Timbrown656 T.
    • 5
    • 27. Sep 2013

    I never needed an attorney for anything so I didn’t know how to search for one. Unfortunately I faced a hard time with my ex wife and had to seek for legal advice and my friend recommended Theodore Enfield. He is a consummate professional whom I trust in completely and warmly recommend to anyone seeking a divorce lawyer in Miami.

  • Angierubin65 A.
    • 5
    • 20. Sep 2013

    One of the most professional and ethical Lawyers I have dealt with. When I got divorced I was upset and nervous about how the whole thing would pan out. His advice was sincere, he said it will all be just fine and he was right. I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.

  • Claudiajameson70 C.
    • 3
    • 17. Sep 2013

    I'd like to thank Mr. Enfield for his professionalism and for attentive caring about me and my case. Mr. Enfield kept me up to date and was easily available when I needed his assistance.

  • Roncase2000 R.
    • 2
    • 13. Sep 2013

    Usually I am very hesitant about lawyers but when I walked into Theodore Enfield’s office all my fears were alleviated. Not only is he an experienced lawyer but he truly cares about his clients too, I would definitely recommend him.

  • Laurenspencer70 L.
    • 3
    • 09. Sep 2013

    Theodore Enfield and his staff were excellent. He is one of the most qualified attorneys I have ever encountered. Very experienced, aggressive, intelligent, dedicated, and honest.

    • 24. Jul 2013

    Mr. Enfield was very receptive to my problem. I highly recommend Theodore Enfield family law office. Thank you.

    • 16. Jul 2013

    A year back my ex husband was verbally abusive to me and treated me badly. At that time I really had some dark times and thought that all was lost. Mr. Enfield has helped me put a stop to it all and since the divorce my ex and I are getting along better than I thought we ever could. He knows that I'll stand my ground against him, and I know that I have Ted Enfield to help me.

  • Tommyraf1966 T.
    • 3
    • 09. Jul 2013

    This is the second time we’ve been using Theodore Enfield’s services. A year earlier he helped my sister with her domestic violence case, and now I’ve completed my divorce process with his help. I’m really happy with the results. Theodore Enfield is super professional and anyone who hires him can feel comfortable that they are in good hands.

  • Beckyweissman B.
    • 4
    • 20. Jun 2013

    Theodore Enfield is not the ordinary divorce attorney, he will be your best defense in your case and will pursue your case with every intent on winning. Mr. Enfield is highly dedicated and experienced, beyond expectations. If you are looking for a trustworthy lawyer - you would want him to represent you.

    • 12. Jun 2013

    Hopefully that time never comes, but if you get to a family issue and need a family law attorney, call Theodore Enfield. I could recommend no one else more professional to advise you, or anyone, when it comes to knowing and understanding your rights. His knowledge and level of expertise cannot be touched, I’m greatly recommending him.

    • 23. May 2013

    Theodore Enfield is a professional attorney with much focused strategies. He cares his client’s needs, rights and does a great job at making that a priority. I highly recommend T. Enfield as a family lawyer.

  • Bellacarter777 B.
    • 5
    • 08. May 2013

    It is with great pleasure that I find myself writing this review for Attorney Theodore Enfield. Ted is an outstanding attorney who went “above and beyond” representing and in support of my son on his child paternity case. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional!

  • Brandylane2012 B.
    • 3
    • 23. Apr 2013

    Divorce isn’t easy. It is the most difficult thing I have ever went through. Mr. Enfield was knowledgeable, professional and caring. I felt that he was genuinely looking out for my best interest all along. I would highly recommend him.

  • Janetpeterson55 J.
    • 4
    • 11. Apr 2013

    I’ve have had good results with Theodore and his firm. I even recommended him to my sister. Best divorce attorney.

  • Robertalfred2009 R.
    • 2
    • 26. Mar 2013

    I highly recommend divorce attorney Theodore Enfield! I was in the middle of my divorce during the holiday season and Mr. Enfield made it almost effortless on my part. Thank You

  • Samuels774 S.
    • 2
    • 21. Mar 2013

    Mr. Enfield was very professional. He explained everything to me regarding divorces and helped me understand the process. Not only is he affordable, he is also an expert in many areas.

  • Michellemurry89 M.
    • 2
    • 14. Mar 2013

    Mr. Ted Enfield’s experience and aggressive stance on my family case provided a great outcome. I have met many attorneys but Mr. Ted Enfield is by far the best divorce attorney in Miami. Warmly recommended!

  • Bryangreenberg79 B.
    • 5
    • 01. Mar 2013

    I was looking for a good divorce lawyer in Miami and a friend recommended on Theodore Enfield. I am now recommending him to anyone who is facing this difficult time as well - It is most important to know that you can your attorney. Mr. Enfield is friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional.

  • Bryangreenberg79 B.
    • 5
    • 01. Mar 2013

    I was looking for a good divorce lawyer in Miami and a friend recommended on Theodore Enfield. I am now recommending him to anyone who is facing this difficult time as well - It is most important to know that you can your attorney. Mr. Enfield is friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional.

  • Danielkramer189 D.
    • 3
    • 05. Feb 2013

    Theodore Enfield was excellent handling my Annulment, with fast pace and great accuracy. Very professional and up-to-date proceeding. I highly recommend him and his family law office Miami to anybody.

  • Sashaven1963 S.
    • 2
    • 29. Jan 2013

    Mr. Enfield was very upfront and trustworthy. He is easy to work with and his professionalism was over my level of expectation regarding Florida alimony laws. Recommended for sure

  • Davidmcfee69 D.
    • 3
    • 24. Jan 2013

    I liked the fact that Mr. Enfield has over 2 decades of experience. Divorce isn't something people do all the time so I had a lot of questions and the whole experience was nerve racking. He guided me through with patience and dedication. I felt I’m in good hands throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Theodore Enfield to anyone that is hesitant on how to approach the divorce process and is looking for a Miami divorce lawyer.

  • Laurenmic554 L.
    • 1
    • 17. Jan 2013

    Throughout my divorce process, Theodore's quick response time and attention to details demonstrated he cared about my situation. His great work and determination has allowed me to move on to the next phase of my life with dignity and peace. Theodore is an experienced and knowledgeable child custody lawyer. I feel extremely fortunate to have him representing me through a very difficult time. I will recommend him without any hesitation.

  • Johnisaac766 J.
    • 3
    • 11. Jan 2013

    Thank you for taking the time to help me with my divorce case. No other attorney would have advised me in such responsible and accurate way as you did and I really appreciate all you did for me. I was very lucky to find a professional with your experience and honesty; I'll absolutely recommend you as the best and most professional family law attorney!

  • Amandadavids170 A.
    • 1
    • 08. Jan 2013

    Attorney Theodore Enfield handled my case with dignity and respect which helped me to feel secure and confident in this difficult time I am going through. His consideration and professionalism were gratifying, and I would highly recommend his professional law firm to any person who is under a difficult circumstance.