187 9th Ave, New York 10011, United States Get Directions to this spot
187 9th Ave
New York, 10011
NY, United States
(212) 627-1144

3 reviews for Blossom

  • robocco
    • 12
    • 7
    • 08. Mar 2011

    What can I say? A gorgeous place and our party of four was lucky to get a table without even having made a reservation.

    This restaurant is beautiful and you won't be disappointed - wether it comes to service, drinks and food. I wish we would have a place like this around here.

    We did share our food and I really don't remember what we had exactly but I can only tell you this: not from this earth.

  • Mike
    • 201
    • 170
    • 23. Sep 2010

    A bit pricey, but excellent gourmet vegan food in one of my favorite districts in NYC. Their Seitan Empanadas are a killer appetizer which I followed with a Hickory Basted Tempeh over Horseradish Crème Fraiche.

    Absolutely killer, fresh and the service was excellent, fast and super nice. Highly recommended for date night and highly recommend you make an appointment before you drop in.

  • schroettner
    • 145
    • 63
    • 14. Aug 2009

    Gourmet Organic Vegan Cuisine. This says quite everything. Small portions, but fantastic food, that has it's price. And it's absolutely worth it. As starters we had: Ravioli with Cashew Cream, Black-eyed Pea Cake & Seitan Skewers. Incredible! The entrees were really good as well: We've tried Port Wine Seitan (you have to be into the taste of wine of course) and Feijoadinha with Smokey Tempeh (yummy). And we shared some dessert as well: Apple/Cinnamon Sticks. The wine-card is quite international (even one Zweigelt from Burgenland). But they don't care, if you just have water. Highly recommended!!!