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    • 03. Oct 2022

    They did excellent work, they were easy to communicate with and came on time and worked diligently. Prices were fair. You won't regret working with Scott Of All Trades.

  • Gordon K. Barron
    • 3
    • 20. Jun 2022

    We are getting referrals from friends and family who have actual business with Scott Of All Trades and we learned that they had a lot of good reviews. Will definitely hire them very very soon.

  • Brucerushing B.
    • 23
    • 03. Nov 2021

    Thank you so much for your courteous assistance and making us have a truly remarkable time. I would certainly recommend this company because they are always prompt and efficient.
    I will recommend your services to everyone.

  • Jaygreen J.
    • 1
    • 13. Oct 2021

    He is amazing!!! He is the man you want to help you find your new home in the valley. He works his butt off for you! He is like the Energizer Bunny of Realtors. He won't stop until you may have and we will definitely utilize her services again Scott Of All Trades

  • Franceshoward F.
    • 1
    • 07. Sep 2021

    Scott is one of the most reliable services I've ever used ! Always does what needs done and always on time ! I highly recommend Scott Of All Trades aka Scott!

  • Ruth B. Ordonez
    • 6
    • 07. Sep 2021

    From the estimate to the completed job, everything was handled with the utmost professionalism and service was great. Highly Recommended Scott Of All Trades!

  • Bernadine Johnson
    • 42
    • 27. May 2021

    Loved the quick and timely manner from when I requested a quote and asked to come to my house. Scott was so personable and I will not call another handyman. Very pleased with his professional performance and repair of my door. Thanks!!

  • Dallas D.
    • 2
    • 21. May 2021

    Fantastic job! You went above and beyond to ensure a positive experience for the customer.