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41 reviews for Mirror Company New York

  • Creuza D.
    • 14
    • 10. Nov 2018

    I recommend Mirror Company New York, for people who are interested in buying mirrors for shops or for the living room or bedrooms, I visited them because I needed a large mirror for the dining room of my house in Queen and I definitely chose the ideal place , in this store there are variety of sizes and styles.

  • Louis G.
    • 14
    • 03. Nov 2018

    On Long Island, we followed the recommendations of a friend and hired the services of Mirror Company New York for the installation of the mirror in my living room, and I am very pleased with the results.

  • Renny R.
    • 22
    • 22. Oct 2018

    Thanks to the specialists of Mirror Company New York. The installation work of the glass mirrors of my Brooklyn apartment was beautiful, excellent finish and high quality. I recommend them for their work.

  • Claire F.
    • 14
    • 16. Oct 2018

    I live in Brooklyn and I am fascinated with Mirror Company New York, the mirror that I buy in your store is beautiful, it was just what I was looking for a long time, the living room of our home looks super luxurious, the store guys are very Attentive, They also have very good prices and variety of styles. I recommend them 100%.

  • Nico R.
    • 20
    • 12. Oct 2018

    Mirror Company New York. A group of excellent professionals very responsible. The work of installing Mirrors in my apartment in Brooklyn was spectacular, with a first class finish. That's why I recommend them.

  • Ramon S.
    • 21
    • 09. Oct 2018

    Excellent quality in the works carried out by the team of professionals of the company Mirror company in New York. In the installation activities of the Mirror of my residence in Brooklyn, they were very fast and careful with the work, everything was perfect, I am very satisfied with the high quality of the work. I recommend them.

  • Mary B.
    • 14
    • 08. Oct 2018

    I live on Long Island and I hired Mirror Company York to install a mirror in my living room. I am fascinated! They are a very responsible and cordial team.

  • Mario S.
    • 24
    • 06. Oct 2018

    I am very happy with the professionals of Mirror Company New York. For having contracted with them the installation services of the mirrors in the bathrooms of my residence in Brooklyn. Excellent finish, quality and professionalism in the works.

  • Antonio D.
    • 20
    • 25. Sep 2018

    Mirror Company New York. I am very satisfied with the installation work of glass windows in my residence in Brooklyn, excellent finishing and professionalism. I recommend them for their work.

  • Diego F.
    • 19
    • 18. Sep 2018

    I was a little sad because my son had his piano concert this weekend in Manhattan and I could not attend because of home commitments. Thanks to Mirror Company New York I was able to see it from beginning to end as I found what I needed to get out of trouble. Thank you Mirror Company New York for helping me to observe my son in one of his great achievements as a pianist.

  • Betsy A.
    • 14
    • 17. Sep 2018

    I am very pleased with Mirror Company New York, the installation of the mirror in my shop has been perfect! The quality of the mirror is excellent, in addition to having a team of first quality, they are careful with cleaning and work quickly, but without neglecting the finishes of his work. Do not hesitate to hire the services, it is an excellent option in Brooklyn for those who want to restore or install mirrors.

  • Playboi C.
    • 20
    • 15. Sep 2018

    For several recommendations from friends, hire Mirror Company New York because I just bought my house here in Manhattan and wanted to do a job in my house with the bathroom. Thank you for both commitment Mirror Company New York.

  • Playboi C.
    • 20
    • 15. Sep 2018

    For several recommendations from friends, hire Mirror Company New York because I just bought my house here in Manhattan and wanted to do a job in my house with the bathroom. Thank you for both commitment Mirror Company New York.

  • Nav A.
    • 21
    • 13. Sep 2018

    the mirror in my cousin Rachel's bathroom in New York was amazing thanks to Mirror Company New York. I recommend it 100%, my cousin fell in love with her work.

  • Alejandro M.
    • 20
    • 09. Sep 2018

    I love the work of Mirror Company New York. They were in charge of doing magic in my house. High quality work I recommend them totally in NY.

  • Marco P.
    • 20
    • 05. Sep 2018

    The company Mirror NY turned out to be what I was looking for in terms of quality with respect to their product, their glasses were very well at the door of my bathroom.

  • Kevin B.
    • 17
    • 01. Sep 2018

    Mirror Company New York. do a very professional job now my new office in Long Island is ready to inaugurate, I recommend them.

  • Travis B.
    • 16
    • 25. Aug 2018

    I called without hesitation to see how my aunt's house in Brooklyn was just great, Mirror Company New York. is the best option they gave me a good price and the work they did really fast.

  • Jose M.
    • 16
    • 23. Aug 2018

    I called Mirror Company New York, for a quote and they were the best that got the job they did in my Manhattan offices it was excellent.

  • Maryoris N.
    • 18
    • 20. Aug 2018

    Very happy for the work they did at my home in Brooklyn. We recommend this team of professionals from Mirror Company New York, in New York, they are very punctual and creative. The glass materials that were used to design the shower doors are made of special glass of optimum quality, my home is pleasant thanks to its excellence.

  • Juaquin Z.
    • 16
    • 18. Aug 2018

    My cousin in Staten Island recommended me Mirror Company New York .to finish the glass work in my new home, he did his spectacular work, I recommend them. They are excellent.

  • Susanna L.
    • 13
    • 11. Aug 2018

    Mirror Company New York did exactly what I wanted. I could say it was even better, a very professional company with a great work team, my apartment is in Manhattan, the change in my living room came very quickly with a fairly good design mirror, it was really amazing. I feel very satisfied!

  • Rosa O.
    • 20
    • 09. Aug 2018

    My aunt Angelica lives near my house in Queens and she recommended Giovani Shower Doors to do the work in my bathrooms, which good recommendation the work was better than I expected.

  • Mari V.
    • 19
    • 06. Aug 2018

    I needed to renovate the restrooms in my offices in Long Island and call Mirror Company New York. They had already done a job in my apartment, it was great to see them do their work in my company, I recommend them.

  • Rita P.
    • 21
    • 04. Aug 2018

    My apartment is in Manhattan, Mirror Company New York. quickly installed the doors of my bathroom with tempered glass, I recommend them they do a very professional job.

  • Jenny L.
    • 18
    • 31. Jul 2018

    My husband was delighted with the windows with exclusive designs that I chose for my studio in Brooklyn. Mirror Company New York. They work very fast, they are quite professional and creative. I recommend them 100%.

  • Mayra R.
    • 20
    • 30. Jul 2018

    I'm satisfied with the result, my Bronx location is very well lit and attractive from the outside. Those windows that installed Mirror Company New York, were consistent with what I wanted, I would contract them again I recommend them.

  • Mery A.
    • 18
    • 29. Jul 2018

    I called them and they were super nice. Mirror Company New York. They treated me wonderfully and offered me the best prices for what I wanted to do in my office located in Staten Island. They suggested the types of glass I needed. Thanks for your help.

  • Adniel M.
    • 13
    • 28. Jul 2018

    I recommend Mirror Company New York for the wonderful job they did for me on Long Island. They gave my studio a new look, a very nice top part for my table and a very nice mirror design.

  • Sara R.
    • 21
    • 27. Jul 2018

    I wanted some panoramic windows for my restaurant in Manhattan and I contacted them. Mirror Company New York They have an architectural touch to my place and I am grateful. All that excellent attention and service for solidarity prices.

  • Ybelisse C.
    • 13
    • 27. Jul 2018

    I must say that at the beginning I had some doubts about Mirror Company New York, but after the service here in Staten Island was done I realized that they had exceeded my expectations, they gave a really new look to my living room, I asked for an antique mirror and the work was simply amazing. They worked in an excellent way! Thank you.

  • Liz L.
    • 18
    • 26. Jul 2018

    I love how they made the shower Mirror of my new residence in Queens! its excellent rates and very clean work. In truth, they were the best option, the service and the incredible attention, thanks Mirror Company New York .

    • 25. Jul 2018

    Mirror Company New York. They are a company very committed to the needs of the client and the service is excellent. When the assembly of the Mirror of my apartment in Lower Manhattan began, everyone was very careful and attentive so that I was satisfied. I recommend them.

  • Eleazar L.
    • 13
    • 23. Jul 2018

    My wife and I had the opportunity to hire them on the recommendation of a friend from Manhattan. His work was simply amazing. They made a nice door with mirror division, just splendid. Thank you! Mirror Company New York

  • Eglis M.
    • 21
    • 16. Jul 2018

    I contacted them to make windows and a glass door for my bathrooms in my new apartment in Brooklyn. They have very competitive rates and an excellent service worthy of professionals. Mirror Company New York. was my best choice.

  • Eliver C.
    • 13
    • 03. Jul 2018

    Really happy and grateful because of the work done by Mirror Company New York, they made a nice design for the windows of my home. Totally recommended!

  • America H.
    • 26
    • 16. Mar 2018

    Mirror Company New York are the best! Buy a glass for my tabletop, the glasses they have are excellent they are of the best quality, it was the best experience from start to finish, the service is excellent they are very kind and have the best prices. 100% recommended.

  • Mindy C.
    • 7
    • 07. Sep 2017

    This is a belated review. In 2017, after Thanksgiving, Glass installed a mirrored backsplash in my new kitchen. They has to cut the mirrors at my home, because the work was complicated--it has ins and outs, and one piece had to be placed upside down.

    The work they did was excellent, and the workers cleaned up thoroughly when they were done. Without a doubt, I'll call them again if I have another mirror or glass project.

  • Osbaldo Q.
    • 18
    • 07. Sep 2017

    I would give ‘’ Mirror Company New York ‘’10 stars if possible !!
    i wanted two glass shelves to display some of my paperweights. i spoke with jennifer and she gave me information as to the width and depth of various glass shelves as well as recommending a particular set of hardware. i was beyond pleased with the results. i highly recommend this firm for all your glass/mirror needs. excellent !!!

  • Timothy V.
    • 15
    • 06. Sep 2017

    If you need custom mirror or glass of any variety, ‘’ Mirror Company New York ‘’ is your go to resource. Their work and customer service is top-notch, and everything they produce is done on time and with quality, expert precision. They have some of the most competent and courteous installers in the business too and kostia Moore, in particular, is amazing!!

    • 31. Aug 2017

    I recently elevated my home after Hurricane Sandy damage and needed to reside when the work was completed. I called several contractors, but ‘’Mirror Company New York’’ was the only one to return my calls and messages immediately! He was more than accommodating and did everything he could to make me comfortable and happy while working within my budget. In the last 5 years of dealing with contractors of all types. If you are looking for an honest, hard working and old fashioned, ethical contractor, look no further! I couldn't be happier!! My house looks amazing! A very professional job!