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  • Valjohns84 V.
    • 1
    • 24. Apr 2013

    at the time in my life that I went to Faith i was going through a very hard time with my girlfriend. id been feeling for a while now that there is somone else in her life that she is cheating but I was not 100 percent sure about it. so i went to a few other readers and all of them told me no shes not shes faithful to you and dont think like that, But deep down in my heart I know that somthing was wrong I was ready to give up on everything in life and I did for a few days then I said that I want to give it one last chance so I did. I found my self on google looking for psychic in the area i feel a few i didint feel nor gather any energy from them I came across Faiths profile and thought I felt a little somthing but I still continued to search. I didint find anything or anyone that caught my eye so I said maybe its not the right time I didint want to rush into anything. so super super long story shot I gave it one last try i went to faith and the moment I sat down in her office as soon as i gave her my name the very very first thing she told me is that i need to make changes with my love life because my partner is not being very honest with me. right them there i tried to explain whats been going on and she told me to keep it all to my self and she wants to be the one to tell me everything. I dont know how she knew EVERYTHING that I went though that I was going though its as if she knew me since the day I was born she told me my whole life just by knowing my name and DOB. Shes great amazing because of her my life is now back to normal and now engaged to the love of my life it took some time but she was right by my side though it all. If you are going though a time in your life BIG or SMALL and just dont know how to go about it go to Faith and I give you my word that you will not be disappointed and you will walk aaay right SO much CLAIRTY and PICE OF MIND. Its over all a GREAT experience. If you have giving up and dont care what happened any more DONT FEEL LIFE THAT just give it one last chance but dont go any where else you need to go see Faith.

  • Preston8314 P.
    • 1
    • 26. Dec 2012

    When i went to bella i was in a very very dark place in my life i was very deppressed i knew i needed help ut i was torn between a doctor or a psychic i tried a doctor and they tried convinceing me that i was crazy and i needed to be on pills so then I went to Bella the moment I seen her I felt such a warm great feeling as if I was going to get my life back in order. Extreamly long story short She placed me on the right path in my life If it where not for her I honestly think I would of killed my self. She was so on key with everything and on point it was really scary but I knew that she would be the one to help me.. I want to take this time to thank Bella for all of her help and advice, If you ever feel anything that I felt I do recommend Bella she is honest and a pure hearted wonam.. and she knows what she is talking about.

  • Alicesmith110 A.
    • 1
    • 24. Dec 2012

    I went to Bella looking for help with getting my wife back, I never told her what I wanted or what was wrong and right from the get go she told me i was troubled about my marriage. She told me some other man took her from me who I was very close with almost like brothers and that he didn't love her but just wanted me unhappy (also true) And she told me I was no where near getting my wife back which what I was afraid of. So i let her help me and guide me in the direction I needed to go to get her back it was tough and hard (she said it would be) But I listened and it was well worth the wait, Thank you Bella for bringing me and my wife together.