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  • Zoralee4751 Z.
    • 3
    • 03. Mar 2021

    That was terrific! I like your restaurant because of the dishes and staves. The place is so perfect for those who love the elegant and classy ambiance. I also thanked the waitress for serving my order as fast as she could. You must be at the top list, guys! Very strongly recommended Restaurant!

    • 09. Jun 2017

    New York – the beating heart of America that is flooded with food from every corner of the world. Enjoy a variety of dishes here: hot dogs with endless toppers, colorful pizzas, and do not miss the bage.

    • New York is so diverse that you can find the cuisine of any country in the world there. But among all this diversity, you can definitely find only American, favorite and famous dishes. Here you can try the famous hot dogs that appeared on the Coney Island over 100 years ago. Enjoy a special pizza that was brought to America by the Italian chef in order to give a quick snack to factory workers, but suddenly became so popular that now this New York pizza is one of the most favorite dishes. You'll learn a lot of interesting things about a soup called chowder and an American cheesecake, the most delicate dessert of Americans. And much more.

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