Atlas Cafe

73 2nd Ave, New York 10003, United States Get Directions to this spot
73 2nd Ave
New York, 10003
MO, United States
(212) 539-0966

2 reviews for Atlas Cafe

  • melanie
    • 400
    • 207
    • 04. Jan 2010

    bizarre & bad service the first time i went (for breakfast). (see review below for the awkward details) besides the witnessed shouting match over scrambled eggs and toast, the food was good, then again, it's hard to mess up a bagel with Tofutti cream cheese and the place is cute and cosy. the second time I went, for a post-dinner tea the waitress was friendly and helpful, so it definitely seems to depend on when you are visiting and who is working.

  • Mike
    • 201
    • 170
    • 22. Dec 2009

    The service was surreal, food was pretty ok.

    It seemed to be the first day for both the waitress and the other help, and the cook was screaming all over the place about something or the other.

    First warning was a dude waiting 30 or so minutes for some scrambled eggs and a side of toast, wondering very loudly in the small room where his order was. When he got everything in one sandwich he let loose, complaining that it can't be too difficult to get scrambled eggs and toast right, but apparently that has happened to him before at this location. When the cook and he started yelling at each other, our expectations lowered immediately, though we enjoyed the trash factor experience of seeing a cook in a New York diner yelling at his customers.

    So when it was our turn, the waitress seemed completely ambivalent to the fact that she needed to serve customers. Every question was answered with an "I don't know" or a "sure" (without really giving anymore in depth information in response to the question). We patiently ordered a simple bagel with Tofutti cream cheese and a vegan "BLT" on an onion bagel, which they had up on the menu as a special. I was all sorts of excited about a soy bacon, lettuce and tomato bagel.

    As we enjoyed our soy latte (which was quite good by the way!), we heard the cook start yelling something about a bagel something with bacon and something. The waitresses response was something about a plain bagel with onions and bacon. WTF? So we ended up with a normal bagel with Tofutti and a plain bagel with soy bacon, and sliced onions. Double WTF.

    Overall, the experience wasn't terribly bad, more just an odd experience. The food we did get was great!