Dealer Direct Transmission and Auto Repair

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4 reviews for Dealer Direct Transmission and Auto Repair

    • 09. Dec 2010

    please spare us all the fake reviews...really! You're establishment is unworthy of anyones hard-earned money. Who tears a dashboard apart in an attempt to disconnect a light that came on from their own shotty work, and then returns a vehicle dirty, broken, and undriveable? Dealer Direct does!

  • George L.
    • 1
    • 09. Dec 2010

    After recieving a 6000 dollar estimate from my Isuzu dealer to rebuild the transmission on my daughters car. I called Dealer Direct, they saved me almost 60 percent ,gave me a better warranty and great customer service. I am glad i called them and you should call them too

    • 22. Oct 2010

    Dealer Direct~ Scammers, Thieves, and Idiots!

    I own a 2000 Landrover Discovery II series. When I trusted these idiots with my vehicle it needed a coolant pump and a themostat, thats it! I asked them to do an oil change, and unknown to me they did a system flush! They almost ruined my engine!!!

    I had to take it to C & H Auto where they thankfully know how to repair cars!

    Dealer Direct drove my vehicle with the oil light on for 40 miles! 40 MILES! They used my vehicle for personal transit, ripped the gauge cover off my dashboard in an attempt to remove the lightbulb where the oil light is, returned my vehicle without a drop of gas, ransacked the entire interior, damaged the suede and leather, ruined my steering wheel with grease from their hands (had to have the steering wheel stripped and re-dyed,) tracked mud through the entire interior front and back (from using it to drive around in,) ran my wipers while the hood was up breaking the wipers and scratching the paint off my hood, and as well left oil containers, trash, water bottles, and greasy fingerprints all over EVERYTHING in the vehicle from when they rummaged through it.

    These people need to be stopped! I had to spend $4000.00 plus to repair the damages they have done.

    When I contacted Chris Schuler he had plenty of dumb excuses for the damages (hilarious) and why it took over 2 weeks to get my vehicle back in worse shape than before it left me, and as well one time said he was "walking into church with his family." He needs to pray for his sins, so I guess that was a good thing...

    He tried to get me to give the truck back so he could "fix it." LMAO!!!!
    Like I would EVER give my Vehicle back to these idiotic trunk monkeys? Not in a million years. I was absolutely violated and think this business, Dealer Direct, should be shut down and run out of town. They're CROOKS!

  • Ebabau E.
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    • 15. Oct 2010

    Abysmal experience, run away and do not bring your car to this shop.
    I was foolish enough to trust them with an expensive repair Chris Shuler recommended: an engine replacement in a 1999 SAAB back in April. Long story short, several thousand dollars, three breakdowns and two months later, not to mention countless trips, phone calls and several towing trucks later, the SAAB needed an additional $2000 worth of repair from a specialized, professional shop to fix what these crooks broke. They had no clue or interest in putting anything back together properly, used shoddy parts and workmanship, attempted to glue parts and made the car a hazard to drive: fuel pump, hoses, engine mounts, breaks and the AC are just a few of the things they broke. Shuler's attitude got increasingly aggressive and crass. All people taken by this guys should sue him--I am still contemplating that option since the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is basically powerless--they investigate claims against the business but cannot impose a penalty or force a resolution.