Edward Hughes & Son, Inc.

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2240 Cedar St.
Philadelphia, 19125
PA, United States
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Edward Hughes & Son Inc provides residential and commercial plumbing repair, replacement, and installation for pumps, pipes, water heaters, and more in the Philadelphia, PA, area.... read more
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  • Michaelmchugh2 M.
    • 1
    • 28. Apr 2015

    This has to be the most incompetent company,if you want to call it some kind of an organization.They repeatedly missed appointments on multiple occasions with no phone calls or follow-ups. When they did show up they were completely unprofessional and rude and obnoxious, the customer service and quality of work was extremely poor, not one of them knew their job and were running around not knowing what to do.All they cared about was getting paid without doing the work,they found something extra to charge, a water heater that had no problems until they got near it, I believe they broke it themselves,one of their workers was telling me to keep a watch on two of the other workers because they were on drugs,He told me it was one of their sons or both sons.They left cement inside of the basement,where it hardened and then had to be broken up with a sledgehammer,they left pipes and trash all over.Constant major delays and missed appointments completely unprofessional and unable or unwilling to do the job correctly.The job should of taken a day it took these clowns three weeks. I would. absolutely not recommend this company to anyone for any reason under any circumstances. Their billing and clerical department is a disaster.Constant lies and blaming each other,If you want crack heads and drug addicts doing work for you hire them,Do not call them,a neighbor seen their truck in front of the house and started telling me the disaster these unprofessional jerks are,I told him I am finding that out now,do not hire them,you will definitely regret it immediately,do not give them money up front,a total disgrace.I am sure they are in court and rehab constantly.

  • Bob252 B.
    • 1
    • 13. Aug 2012

    Dealing with Hughes was the worst experience of my life. On several occasions, workers would not show up to do the work on the day that it was scheduled, but we would not receive any notice or calls about rescheduling, they would just not show up. There would eventually be excuses for not showing up, but these excuses would often be contradictory and obvious lies. When we would call to reschedule work due to their abandonment, we never got any calls back and would have to call several times until we were ever able to reschedule. We always specified exactly what was to be done to the person making the estimates, but when workers showed up, they would have been told something completely different, or what the estimate guy had informed us would be done was technically impossible. When I attempted to speak with someone in charge, no one ever returned my calls despite my leaving many, many messages over several days, and I was never able to speak to anyone higher up then the woman who answers the phones. When I talked to their estimate person about a job that had not been completed, he told me that I should not have paid in advance and hung up on me. On one occasion, someone came by for a “few minutes” to figure out what tools were needed for a job and left my wife waiting for him for an hour and a half (not an exaggeration) while he went back to his truck to take a different call on his cell phone. It was not until we threatened to dispute payment on our credit card and report them to the Better Business Bureau that we were able to finally get something completed (or *nearly* completed, actually). The Better Business Bureau has had 17 complaints filed against Hughes in the past three years despite their good rating. It was completely apparent that no one in any position of power in this company has any concern for the customer when things go badly. If you read this and still hire Hughes to do any work for you, you deserve the misery and loss of money that is certainly awaiting you.

  • Lizmay00 L.
    • 1
    • 13. Jul 2012

    LIED! I had a cracked water pan and wanted an estimate to have it replaced. Andrew, the repairman from Ed Hughes, told me I had to replace the coil and pan, estimated at $1700.00. My coil wasn't broken, I was getting cold air, but this man insisted I replace EVERYTHING because "it is all attached together". Believing this was a lie I told Andrew I wanted a second opinion. The repairman wouldn't leave until I paid him a $125.00 "Service Charge", when the website clearly states "Free Estimates". I paid him the money just to get him out of my house and I asked for a refund and the company refuses to return my phone calls. I had a second estimate and the pan was replaced for a little over $300.00, the coil was fine.

    This company falsely claims to be a BBB member on their website, this must to be investigated by the BBB and have the "BBB Member" removed from the Ed Hughes website.