Piermont Bicycle Connection

215 Ash St, Piermont 10968, United States Get Directions to this spot
215 Ash St
Piermont, 10968
NY, United States
(845) 365-0900

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  • T E.
    • 1
    • 15. Oct 2009

    I was with 8 of my other teammates on a Saturday ride through piermont, and we stopped into the store to look around while one of our teammates had her bike serviced. As we were grabbing our bikes to leave, the owner marched outside to speak with us. Apparently he was 'displeased' (read: outraged) that we hadnt properly hung a jersey back on the rack after looking at it. He approached us (within inches of our faces) and proceed to yell at us about how much money 'people like us' cost him, and how rude and inconsiderate we are. We apologized, but stated that it was not intentional and we didnt appreciate him being so aggressive. This was lecture number one. He returned - TWO MORE TIMES - while we were waiting outside for the teammate having her bike serviced - and screamed some more, informing us that we were sorry excuses for 'ladies' and that he didnt ever want to see us back in his store. We apologized again, but asked him to back off. A man stepped in to defend us, another took the shop owner's side.. all in all - it nearly turned into a brawl - all over the fact that we didnt properly hang a jersey on the rack.. which we apologized for. (though the last time i checked, no retail store actually expects customers to hang and fold merchandise to their satisfaction. Not to say that it isnt something you should do - but it's definitely not something to start a fight over..)

    all in all, he was rude, unprofessional, and could probably be charged with assault for the way he acted. He was way out of line. We will make sure to take our business elsewhere.