Mt Gilead Full Gospel Intl Min

2501 Mt Gilead Blvd, Richmond 23235, United States Get Directions to this spot
2501 Mt Gilead Blvd
Richmond, 23235
VA, United States
(804) 675-7600

4 reviews for Mt Gilead Full Gospel Intl Min

  • Godzlove2007 G.
    • 1
    • 13. Oct 2013

    I visited this church a few times before joining. they're was this one Wednesday night service where I went on there and felt God unlike ever before. the anointing was so thick in that place. I am completely in love with this ministry. the people are so loving and genuine and the word is good. it's a blessed church and since I've been connected there, God has done some amazing things in my life. I recently moved to Atlanta, but I still watch the services live often. God bless Mt. Gilead and bishop and copastor. they're amazing people about God's business!!!! Brittany Roberson

  • Shaundra  J.
    • 1
    • 25. Jan 2011

    I attended Mt. Gilead for only two months before I had to leave to deploy to Afghanistan. I have to admit it is a big church and the Pastor may not look out into the crowd and say your name during the sermon however, the word spoke to my spirit the first day I was there. What matters is that the pastor knows his sheep and he see the spirit of God’s people. In addition, many other days when I was in distress the Bishop was used by God to bring a word of healing to my life.
    The Cameras are there to help other people to see what is going on in the service to captivate the people of God in worship. Now if the cameras distract people they need to be paying more attention to the service and not what the next person is doing on the screen. I like this church because the pastor is real he does not sugar coat but he speaks the truth and he has come a long way and his testimony bares witness.
    There is nothing wrong with rap music it is the content of the music that matters. There are a lot of programs at this church for the young and old new to Christ and seasoned. This is a great place of fellowship and it is a blessed place, house of God, and place of worship.

  • Kesha B.
    • 1
    • 15. Jan 2011

    This is my home church I visited one time and was hookedm if you do not think God is real you can see what he can do if you are faithful always a good word. While not for everyone. No you won't meet the Bishop first day or maybe you will at the visitors reception if you stay long enough. Always something going on for the people of the Kingdom. But remember allow God to pick your church. He made a good choice in this church for me.
    PS if you want to see what a church is really like don't visit on a holiday.

  • Callmepdiddy1 C.
    • 1
    • 01. Jan 2011

    My 1st time at Mt. Gilead was for the New Year celebration/service 2011. This place of worship is WAY too flamboyant for me. There's SO much going, it's a distraction. With all the cameras, and flashing lights, I thought I was on a tv show, then I remembered... I AM!! (Mt. Gilead broadcasts on the internet, and tv, too!!) Everything was SO dramatic! It took forever to get to what I had been waiting
    for...the WORD. I must say, some of Bishop Robertson, Jr.'s message was awesome, however, a lot of it I didn't buy. I think I'm going to stick to my church. It's a small church, I know my Pastor, and his wife PERSONALLY, and have been to their home. We don't "broadcast" on the internet/tv, my Pastor uses his Bible for reference, and not some electronic gadget, (I-Pad, or some other type of electronic pad), our choir is small, and not the best, but we don't rap/dance, we sing songs of worship, and still use our red hymnals. Mt. Gilead was right much for me to swallow.. With that camera flying above your head all service, and seeing your self on both of the flat screens they have above the "stage", I just felt like we were being made a spectacle of.. Under a microscope. Maybe I'm saying it felt like it was all for show, glitz, and glamour. Now, this is just my opinion. I prefer old-school churches, where it's more intimate, and the Pastor knows you personally by name.. Where you stiLl "Greet Your Neighbor", and Pastor, and his wife come down of the PULPIT, and embrace you, and ask about the family, also by name.. A place of worship, where at the end of service, and after Alter Call, you can all join hands in prayer.. Now, to me... THAT'S a place to worship, AND call HOME. AMEN.