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    • 27. Aug 2013

    Our two daughters were playing in our backyard when an electrical wire snapped off and brushed against them both, causing severe burns. The electric company denied culpability, of course, and it was proven in court that they hadn't done regular maintenance in the neighborhood. Thanks, James!

  • Madelinecooperid M.
    • 10
    • 27. Aug 2013

    When I was injured in a crosswalk by a reckless driver who happened to be a hotshot lawyer, I contacted James Sexton and spoke with him personally about the situation. He showed no fear as he took on the other lawyer (who represented himself). The result? A whopping seven-figure settlement.

  • Lorencarlsid L.
    • 7
    • 27. Aug 2013

    I filed a personal-injury claim with the Sexton Law Firm. Every day without fail they are in touch with me, updating me on the defendant. My case has been in court for six weeks and so far they've scored major points with the judge. My case is faring well. They are extremely good at what they do!!

  • Cruzdaniel1843 C.
    • 11
    • 30. Jul 2013

    I worked with the Sexton Law Firm as my legal counsel, and I can understand why they’re so highly regarded. They’re just that good! From Day One I had nothing but glowing things to say about how courteously and decently I was treated by them.

  • Robinwilliams458 R.
    • 16
    • 30. Jul 2013

    Nothing’s more daunting than taking on a company with deep pockets that wronged you. I knew I had to when the breaks on the company car I used for a trip literally burst into flames. They were proven negligent---plus, odometer rollbacks were involved too. James represented me in court for two years and won!