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5 reviews for Laynie Tzena Design

  • Dinah1960 D.
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    • 29. Dec 2020

    I love the aquamarine stud earrings that Laynie Tzena helped me design for my best friend’s 60th birthday.  It was a pleasure working with Laynie.  She listened to my priorities and was flexible when I changed course.  She also has a keen “eye” for beauty and great collaborators in the jewelry industry. Laynie showed me an array of aquamarine gemstones in the size and shape I was looking for, and when I saw one pair I said, “That’s it!”  We then chose a really pretty white gold setting with a woven pattern, and a beautiful blue suede box for the earrings.  I’m so glad I chose Laynie to help me shape my vision of a gift that turned out spectacularly special.  
    Dina H.

  • Curtis L.
    • 1
    • 12. Oct 2015

    Laynie Tzena is a "Superb" designer of Fine Jewelry. Thank you for designing the "Perfect" wedding ring for my wife. She loves it!

  • Eddym ..
    • 1
    • 30. Jan 2015

    It was a pleasure working with Laynie. You can tell that she has a huge passion for what she does. Laynie helped me find the perfect ring for me and my special one for our 5 year anniversary. She was very understanding and kept everything within the budget we agreed on as well. The ring came out so much better than I expected. When I presented it to my SO, she was speechless! She wears it everyday and stares at the pure beauty of the ring. I would highly recommend Laynie because she goes above and beyond with her work. She will not stop until she finds the perfect solution to the situation and won't settle for any less than that!

  • Melindaz M.
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    • 07. Nov 2013

    I have an old favorite abalone necklace that I hadn't worn in years because some of the abalone had fallen out. There was also some discoloration on the silver that I had tried and failed to remove. After consulting with Laynie (the "Jewelry Doctor"), who offered several options for repair including a redesign using the components of the necklace, I decided to opt for repairing the inlay only.

    When the necklace was returned to me, not only was the missing abalone beautifully replaced, but the discoloration on the silver was gone! I am really enjoying wearing this old favorite once again. It was a pleasure doing business with Laynie, who delivered more than promised and was delightful to work with.

  • Helenluey8 H.
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    • 01. Apr 2012

    Before working with Laynie, I defined "necklace" as a string of beads in whatever color I needed and in a particular length.   Unable to find much, I asked Laynie for help.       Together, we selected stones that I liked and that would work for what I had in mind.   She then created necklaces that had distinctive designs, along with the simplicity and under-stated quality that is important to me. She also created earrings that matched.   

    As we worked more, it became clear that the one length I had thought was non-negotiable was actually a compromise.   I use two lengths: one with a sweater, another with a collared shirt.     She added to her design a chain and clasp that allows me to wear each necklace at the exact length I want.    

    After wearing and receiving compliments on the first two necklace/earring sets, I thought of other colors I could use.   Over the last eighteen months, I've ordered six sets.    I wear them all the time.    They feel right for me, and they add a subtle but unmistakable touch of elegance to whatever I'm wearing.     The workmanship is excellent.   Working with Laynie has given me far more than a few pretty necklaces; she has changed the way I present myself in the world.   I highly recommend Laynie as a creator of tasteful, individually designed jewelry.