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  • Gerbs91 G.
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    • 03. May 2012

    We love, love, love this place!! Our son, who is attending Mission College in Santa Clara was getting ready to exit the 880 South to go to work at the Winchester Mystery House when a car cut in front of him and slammed on their brakes. He immediately slammed on his brakes which made his car turn sideways, go across three lanes in early morning rush hour traffic, and hit the median wall pretty much head on. He was okay and lucky he didn't get t-boned. Of course, the car who cut in front of our son took off.

    Our insurance company had a "partner" bodyshop which they had the car towed to. The shop immediately wanted to total it using retail priced parts as their reason. I got on the internet and read their reviews. Not good! So I searched for a bodyshop with good reviews, called a couple which didn't impress me, and came across Capitol Auto Body. When I called I spoke with Ed and told him the story. He told me Roy, the owner, worked with car owners and insurance companies on acquiring parts at a good cost, not retail. It was a family-owned shop that had been in business for over 30 years, not the cookie cutter, factory-type shops.

    After speaking with Ed, I told him I wanted them to look at our car. He helped me arrange for our car to be towed to their shop. This was huge for me for two reasons: 1) We live in Las Vegas, NV, so I was doing this long-distance. 2) Capitol Auto Body was closed, as it was a Saturday. Ed was there working on paperwork, yet made sure our car was towed to their shop that day. He told me what to say if the other bodyshop gave me a hard time, called the towing company to make sure it was taken care of, and even gave me his cell number so I could contact him in case I had any concerns or questions over the weekend.

    On Monday I spoke with Roy, the owner. He told me he would be working on an estimate and for me not to worry about anything, including our insurance company. In fact, he told me that if our insurance company called me I shouldn't talk to them, but refer them to him, which I did. He handled everything. Another gold star was earned by Capitol Auto Body.

    During that week, Roy kept me informed of his progress, letting me know when he found parts and what they cost. We were hopeful the car could be saved. Unfortunately, when they started to take the front of the car apart, "things" started falling out. Roy called me and told me that he was sorry, but the car would have to be totalled, even though his cost for parts came in at about one half of the other bodyshop's estimate.

    The goodness and kindness of Roy doesn't end there. I found a car for sale in San Jose exactly like our wrecked one, same year, same color, everything. I was shocked. I called Roy and asked him what he thought. He got on the internet while we were speaking and looked at the car. Wow! But it gets even better. Roy actually called the seller and had him drive the car to the shop so Roy could look at it with our son. Gold stars just aren't good enough for this guy!

    Roy called me after he looked at the car. We were pretty set on getting it. However, our insurance company was taking their sweet time in processing the check and the owner was leaving to go back to school in Riverside in a couple of days. So we ended up getting another car once we received the insurance check.

    We cannot express how much we appreciate Ed taking care of the initial problem on his day off, and Roy taking care of our son, our insurance company, and basically the entire situation. As out-of-state parents, the stress we felt at the onset of this ordeal was immediately taken away once we contacted Capitol Auto Body. We were treated like family and we've never even met them!!

    If you don't take your car to Capitol Auto Body, you're a fool. They will take care of you from the moment you contact them. You can relax knowing you are in good, capable, honest hands. We love them!!!