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4 reviews for Boger IRS Tax Law Group

  • Taxdebtid8667 T.
    • 664
    • 26. Feb 2014

    I was a realtor in 2005 and did very well when the industry was strong. When it went down, I found myself owing the IRS a lot of money which I didn’t have. They made it possible to get me caught up and I didn’t need to sell my house to pay my debt back. I am in an easily affordable payment and was given enough time I need to to get this debt in check. I never denied that I owed it, just can't give the IRS a big check at once. I’m extremely thankful for these people!

  • Taxdebtid8667 T.
    • 664
    • 06. Jan 2014

    The other day I had a visit from an IRS office and so I called these people. I’m so glad I did. If I had to confront this officer on my own, I have no clue what I would have done. He was looking around my house and writing things down. I owe more than $100K for a business transaction from several years ago. I should've taken care of it, but kept putting them back. I am very happy with the assistance I’ve received from these people. They’ve taken a BIG load off my shoulders.

  • Tillman M.
    • 1
    • 04. Oct 2013

    I had been used by Tax Masters and JK Harris. I feel as if I’ve put in so much to try and get this tax problem fixed. I used to be hesitant about phoning these folks, but I am glad I did. They even discounted the charge for my services since I had been through a lot. Today, I'm in a reasonable payback schedule with the IRS and I’m very happy to have this problem removed.

  • Taxdebtid8667 T.
    • 664
    • 01. Oct 2013

    I am a nurse and I have many travel expenses. I was audited for a few years because of the expenses that my accountant said that I had, and I don't have them. I had to have a person that fully understood my condition and can help me resolve it. I am now sorted out and in a position to go forward with living. Thank you so much for the assistance! I don’t know what I might have done without your attorneys.