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100 Mercer Street
Seattle, 98109
WA, United States
(800) 441-2846

13 reviews for Specialties Seattle

    • 12. Aug 2014

    Cant say enough good things about this guy. with a moments notice he came out at what would have normally been off hours [9 pm] and didn't charge skyrocketed rates. He fixed what the previous locksmith had screwed up and was even able to re-key the new doorknob to my current keys. All this at a totally reasonable price; less than half of what i paid to the other to have them destroy my door-handle.

  • Sdfsdhfsdhfkjsd S.
    • 17
    • 28. Jun 2014

    this company is very good' the price is very good/ the service is amaizing. must to try to beleve. the pepole in the company is very nice to the client.?

  • Cvxcnerkz C.
    • 48
    • 31. May 2014

    Such fast workers, I was very impressed wth the way they worked.

    • 27. May 2014

    I called them to have locks rekeyed and to determine if I needed stronger locks. An appointment was set for the same week. Service technician, arrived on time and was very pleasant.

  • Rertyuirtyert R.
    • 49
    • 24. Apr 2014

    I had lock myself out of my car and the prices I was getting from some these locksmiths were outrageous. The locksmith gave a very decent price and quality locksmith service.Absolutely wonderful staff, very good. Very good!

    • 11. Jan 2014

    The technician arrived very quickly, and he helped save me some money by re-keying instead of replacing the locks. He was very nice and very professional.?

    • 31. Dec 2013

    Did a pretty good job. The locksmith installed locks on all my doors. He did it fast and flawlessly for a cheap price. There is no doubt in my mind that they have been doing this for a long time.

    • 04. Dec 2013

    Good response and responded very quickly. It is a good company to work with. I'll prefer to usethis company instead of any other.

    • 31. Oct 2013

    When I locked myself out I thought there was going to be a big problem. I called and they were here in less than thirty minutes.?

  • Xfghjktdrtyhy X.
    • 1
    • 29. Oct 2013

    Thank you so much for giving us such great customer service and for coming out on time. Really happy with the work you did?.

  • Marlana169 M.
    • 5
    • 20. Oct 2013

    Needed to get a lock replaced, it was not urgent and tried to get another locksmith out for two days with no sucess. Called them and they set up an appointment for the next day. They called before the appointment to make sure it was still on, and were very nice!

  • Xeniaxenia864 X.
    • 2
    • 31. Aug 2013

    I own an apartment unit and always use this locksmith company to have locks changed or keys made. They are always professional and do a good job.?

    • 27. Jul 2013

    Good Response. I was locked out of my house and one of my friends called them for help. Within 17 minutes these guys started working on my door lock and after 10 minutes they open my door and I got home safe!!!?