Walt's Cycle & Fitness

116 Carroll St, Sunnyvale 94086, United States Get Directions to this spot
116 Carroll St
Sunnyvale, 94086
CA, United States
(408) 736-2630

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  • Greg M.
    • 1
    • 17. Feb 2009

    Walts staff is rude, unknowledgeable, uncaring and negligent. I like to do business locally, so I have tried them repeatedly and always had a bad experience. Now I've learned my lesson for the last time and will never go back. Some examples of my experience there:

    - When I decided on a bike, I asked Walts to special order it for me and they said it would take more than six months to get it in stock. Their loss. I bought my bike at Chain Reaction later that week. It's a $2500 bike and I love the frame.
    - After a few months on the bike, I needed to change the handlebars and shifters because of discomfort on longer rides. Walts employee Jose told me on two occasions I bought the wrong bike because he was too ignorant and rude to guide me with the parts I needed. He said I needed to buy different brakes/calipers and other parts that were incompatible with my frame. Neither he nor anyone else at Walts ever offered an apology for the money and time they cost me, let alone their rudeness. I was very polite to them through all this. After dealing with Walts for weeks, Chain Reaction fixed up my bike exactly how I needed it in two days.
    - Jose accused me of consumer fraud for returning a Jersey that was too small. I had bought a lime-green Jersey and took it back the next day after I tried it on. Jose got his staff to lie and insist that I had bought an orange jersey when in fact I had bought the same lime green jersey. This was after Jose had me buy incompatible brakes that cost ten time the amount of the jersey. If anyone should have been making accusations, I should have accused Jose of criminal negligence and ignorance for wasting so much of my money and time. I was so shocked at his accusation I could hardly speak.
    - Jose refused to give me a refund for a jersey that was too small and charged me $40 for incomplete work to my bike--brakes not set up, shifters not set up, no guidance about what parts to get, uncaring, rude. If you owned a bike shop, would you let someone walk out without their brakes and shifters working properly or without telling the customer exactly what parts they needed to get their bike up and running?

    If you want courteous, knowledgeable experts to work on your bike, go to Chain Reaction. Avoid Walts.