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26 reviews for SHIFT Auto Brokers

  • David A.
    • 1
    • 14. Jun 2020

    Daniel helped my son buy his new car, which was a purchase he'd saved a long time for. He was patient and kind with every question, and put us at ease at every turn. The car is exactly what my son wanted and Jeff made it happen for us today. Thank you!

  • Daniel W.
    • 2
    • 09. Jun 2020

    I purchased a 2016 Accord coupe touring for about $16K from Shift. At first when I saw the deal I had thought it was too good to be true as the KBB value was around $21K around the time of purchase. The experience I had in person was not the greatest, it felt as though the employees were very rushed and felt I wasn't given much attention (clearly because I was intent on buying on the spot). I was offered $4500 for my 2009 Accord LX with 110K miles to which I declined.
    I had the car inspected at 3 Honda dealerships and my personal mechanics, the car had checked out overall as a solid purchase. My mechanic was shocked to hear how much I had paid for the car, he assured me I made a good purchase. I was not recommended any services to be done at the time by any mechanic.
    SHIFT Auto Brokers is able to sell cars for a low price because they do cut a few corners when it comes to maintaining the car. The car was extremely dirty on the outside and in the engine bay, the battery was basically dead a week after purchase, the car was missing an engine cover. However, they are quick to reimburse you for any issues you may have with the car as long as you can point them out. Make sure to speak up with any complaints, they do listen and will solve the problem!
    At the moment I have an ongoing issue with the noisy struts of the vehicle, but that was to be expected with the mileage of the car. The issue appeared to be very common with the touring model due to the adaptive dampers. SHIFT Auto Brokers has been very helpful in partially reimbursing me for this wear item even when I had accepted that it would be primarily out of my own pocket. I am 3 months into my purchase and I would wholeheartedly recommend this dealership to friends and family.

  • MThompson9
    • 2
    • 01. Jun 2020

    I have to say I didn’t think it would have been as easy as it was to find my car and get the service I received by everyone at Shift Auto Brokers...Shift Auto Brokers went out their way to make this decision of buying my car through them a breeze!!! And my car was delivered to my home what more could you ask for!!! Everyone kept asking where did you get your car?!?! Of course I’m telling them Shift Auto Brokers go check out their website 😁

  • Thomaswest097 T.
    • 3
    • 25. May 2020

    After some shady experiences on Craigslist, I decided to look for a pre-owned car from a dealership. I didn't feel comfortable with many of the used car dealers I had researched but I found Shift Auto Broker of Troy Michigan and was immediately into the fact that they have the inspection of each car listed on the website, so you can see any issues with a vehicle beforehand. Also its great to have the free Carfax report. Felt like all the cars were solid and reasonably priced. Had been looking for a car for a while and because of Coronavirus quarantine decided to try out their no-contact test drive. Daniel was our concierge and he was fantastic. Super nice, no pressure. It was raining so he hung out on our porch while I inspected and test drove the vehicle. We did the bank transfer and the paperwork on the spot and I bought the car (2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S). All in the prices are just a little bit lower than blue book but the quality is as high as it can get. Just to be safe I took it to my mechanic the day after I bought it (you have 7 days to return it and get refunded in full). My mechanic said the car looked really good and he give me the OK.
    An overall great buying experience and I recommend this guys too any of my friends!

  • Jbaker22
    • 2
    • 21. May 2020

    I did months of research, and I had my used car picked. I test drove "my model" at a local dealer, but they could not come close to Shift Auto Brokers on trim level, color and price. My laptop had a power chord issue and crashed in the middle of purchasing the car from Shift Auto Brokers. I was stuck. I called Shift Auto Brokers and the salesperson helped me get through my application. There was no sales pressure what so ever (can't say that for the dealer). I got my car (loaded and the color I wanted) in a week. The car got a little dirty on the way up, but it was nothing one run through the car wash couldn't take care of. I got a car with 45k miles, but the car was in mint condition. I don't know what they do to recondition the car but it looked and drove like a car with 10k miles. I used a number of websites in shopping for a used car, but I always came back to Shift Auto Brokers. Thanks Shift Auto Brokers.

  • jhighlander
    • 3
    • 21. May 2020

    Seamless, hassle free and enjoyable experience buying my car with SHIFT Auto Brokers Michigan. They're super responsive and communicate very well at all times. Great transparency and amazing folks who are very helpful at all times. Would honestly recommend this to all.
    I have never written a review for any business in the past, but SHIFT Auto Brokers completely deserves this. Thanks again you guys!!!

  • Rdalton
    • 1
    • 21. May 2020

    Much easier and less stressful than hassling with a dealership. Vehicles are priced below market value with a set price. Got an excellent deal! I highlighted recommend using Shift Auto Brokers and will use again!

  • Dmerkel
    • 1
    • 20. May 2020

    What a great first experience with online car buying! It was easy to tell their inventory is carefully selected to only include high quality vehicles. I loved how much information was available, including pictures and specs. Once we moved forward with the purchase we received all of our documents and were contacted regularly with updates. We were thrilled when the car arrived much sooner than expected! We are so happy with our purchase and the car has turned out to be better than expected!

  • TimCornell
    • 1
    • 19. May 2020

    I was looking to buy a Model S for my wife, I was browsing some classified websites and found the right car, right color and most important, the right price. The price was $4,500 less than whatever I found at the local dealers or any other place. The car was stored with Shift Auto Brokers and after a couple of emails and phone calls, I purchased the car. Daniel Baier was my go to person for all my questions, who was more than happy to explain me through the process. I got the car 5 days after I made the payment. I am working most of the days, being able to have the car delivered was the best way to do this. Thank you Daniel, and the rest of the staff at Shift Auto Brokers!

  • Yramirez
    • 1
    • 19. May 2020

    Everything went as smooth as could be and exactly as stated from beginning to end. Not one complaint, which is very rare! Especially for me!

    Michael McKenzie was excellent!

  • Dramsey
    • 1
    • 18. May 2020

    I have bought several vehicles through the years and come away feeling "dirty", like I have been taken advantage of during the sale. I couldn't come close to the price I paid on a comparably priced vehicle in my area. All of the folks I dealt with at SHIFT Auto Brokers were extremely professional and courteous. I was constantly kept informed on the status of financing and shipment of the vehicle. The vehicle arrived in great condition. I will definitely use SHIFT Auto Brokers for my next vehicle.

  • jillb
    • 3
    • 18. May 2020

    I am unbelievably happy with Shift Auto Brokers! This is such a precarious time to purchase a car but SHIFT made it super easy. They came to my house with my dream car (sporty, low miles, well maintained, great gas mileage, and under 10,500) and I took it for a test run.
    I fell in love with the car but I was short the 20% down payment and SHIFT made it happen! I started off with 9% (I have not the best credit) and Shift got me 10% with less than half the down payment!!
    Andrew was helpful and friendly and I am absolutely in love with my car and the process was easy!!!

  • Jake C.
    • 1
    • 17. May 2020

    After spending months online doing research to find the right vehicle, I stumbled across "THE ONE" on Shift Auto Brokers. I didn't want anyone else taking my car so I called right away. My husband and I had a wonderful and flawless experience with Daniel Baier, who was friendly and very professional. I couldn't have asked for better customer service! I had never shopped online for a vehicle so I was definitely nervous about the whole process. Daniel completely went above and beyond to make sure my nervousness was for nothing. My car arrived a week earlier than I expected and it looked EXACTLY as it did in the picture! Don't shop online for a car from anyone else because Shift Auto Brokers is a 5 STAR experience from start to finish! You won't regret it!

  • MaryS
    • 2
    • 15. Apr 2020

    A few things I never purchase NEW, Cars and Men I like them with a lot of miles and broken in already!
    This place is not your average used car joint. It's Classy, No-pressure, and I wish more car lots would be on board with this group. You don't get a guy coming up with a bunch of teeth more then an alligator at feeding time.
    Upon walking in (yes all cars are indoor so rain sleet or shine you can shop) you get a friendly hello, a list of inventory with all the prices and logistics of each car.
    Don't even try to Deal, you don't have to everything is priced fair all cars are looked over. I purchased 2 cars from here in the past and have always been pleased with them.
    The owner is awesome, staff is memorable and the list is pretty high end
    Jaguar (low inventory but still nice selection) BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Audi, you get my drift. They have a few other models from trade-ins
    Please no Pompous DB's, they do not offer Ass-kissing service or Lattes

  • Samuel H.
    • 3
    • 09. Feb 2020

    I love this place, I love cars and this place has so many of them I inevitably love being here :). The staff is very knowledgeable, and always ready to answer all your questions, they have very good finance options and they can help with selling or finding a buyer for your old car if you want to trade it, and you should opt for the option of having them find you a buyer, you get more money like that. Anyways, all and all a great buying experience, they will be seeing me in the future again for sure.

  • Thalx11120
    • 3
    • 05. Feb 2020

    No headaches, saved me both time and money, went to them, viewed what I liked, tested it, and than they took care of everything else, paperwork, shipping etc. Since my job keeps me quite busy, SHIFT services worked great for me, I am satisfied with them 100%, they provide quality services at reasonable prices, and they can find you almost any car, even if they do not have it yet, you just tell them what you would want and they will move fast and get it for you, that is what I have done and it worked for me.

  • Trevor B.
    • 3
    • 25. Jan 2020

    After visiting almost every dealership in Michigan I came across this guys at a friend's recommendation and visited them. They have allot of cars, and I do mean allot, almost every make, model you can think of, if you ever want to buy an used car this is the place you must visit.

  • Mark N.
    • 3
    • 23. Jan 2020

    Fastest and easiest way to buy a car, saved both money and time, and got what I wanted at a very good price, price was better than Carvana and Carmax.

  • Timothy clarence S.
    • 3
    • 22. Jan 2020

    For selling your car and buying a new used one, this guys are in my opinion the best choice you can make, that is if you value your time and money, they do most of the work for you, if you finance trough them not only you get better rates than Credit Union but you only need to go there to give a few signatures, no standing in lines no nothing, they do it all. So if ever in the market for an used vehicle, you should at least look them up.

  • James S.
    • 3
    • 13. Jan 2020

    My interaction was terrific from my initial call on to delivery. Everyone knew the mission and they were committed to keeping the train on the tracks. The whole process took about 7 business days. My 2015 Porsche 911 Carrera S is amazing. I can proudly recommend to friends and family. Kudos to them.

  • robertat
    • 4
    • 09. Jan 2020

    Sold my car trough SHIFT after numerous attempts to sell it myself. They found me a buyer within a week and also found me a newer Tesla Model for me to buy at a good price. I am very grateful for everything they did and I will recommend this business to all my friends.

  • Adam R.
    • 3
    • 08. Jan 2020

    Perfectly streamlined buying process. Employees are knowledgeable and there is always someone available to answer questions. Each step is explained clearly so you know exactly what will happen next and what you need to do as you move from one step to the next.

  • DamianLeon
    • 4
    • 07. Jan 2020

    Richard is so knowledgeable in Porsche's he left me speechless, he helped me allot pick what I wanted and explained to me what would be the best set of options for what I wanted, he also helped allot with finance, great guy, I appreciate everything and will definitely do business with them in the future.

  • John F.
    • 3
    • 07. Jan 2020

    Good place to look for a used car with low miles on it and exceptional options. The finance options are pretty good too, you must have a look if ever in the market for an used car.

  • David C.
    • 4
    • 03. Jan 2020

    Whole process was very easy took me about an hour to fill out the paper work online . Received exactly what I picked out on the web site, nothing less. Extremely impressed from start to finish, I would highly recommend this company too any of my friends.

  • Tannie M.
    • 3
    • 30. Dec 2019

    I have been looking for a Porsche 911 with specific options and color for over 3 months now and I have finally found it with Shift, called them to book everything and went straight to them to get it myself. The whole process was smooth and easy, no complications whatsoever, I have solved much of the deal on the phone, all was left was for me to go get it. Now that a month has passed since I got the car I can honestly say I am extremely happy with it, everything was exactly as described, no flaws, no hidden stuff, I recommend you visit this dealer if ever in Troy.