Echo Ridge Co-Op Corp

8060 E Broadway Blvd Ste E-110, Tucson 85710, United States Get Directions to this spot
8060 E Broadway Blvd Ste E-110
Tucson, 85710
AZ, United States
(520) 296-6613

1 reviews for Echo Ridge Co-Op Corp

    • 18. Sep 2013

    These condos are old and run down, but that you can deal with. It's the association that's evil. They run more like a mini mafia group, treating you like a dog and ganging up on you when you even, in the slightest, disobey their ridiculous, old rules. My family had one of their units passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me, a college student working on a degree in veterinary medicine and a minor in business, with a stable job. I grew up here, it was the only home I knew. When my parents moved to another part of Tucson, I was told to take care of the unit and fix it up for eventual sale. When I tried to have my name put on the deed, I was denied despite proof of stable income, my student status (earning scholarship money because of my high gpa) and the fact that it'd been in my family for 3 generations; it was the only home I knew. Their reasoning was that they "did not know me well enough", despite having lived there on and off for twelve years and that my job was "not stable", even though between my parents and myself the association fees were paid on time every month. I was harassed endlessly, awaking to the entire association banging on my door and speaking to me in a rude and vulgar manner, threatening to call the police on me because I had the audacity to vocalize my concerns and situation. They belittled me and called me a liar. They attempted to intimidate me several times and had the nerve to clock times when lights were on, but wouldn't listen to me when I explained they were on a timer since my family stores valuable items there and we had been broken in to three times in two years. They then took legal action and effectively threw me out - a college student working 60 hrs. I was subsequently homeless or couch surfing. My grandparents had wanted me to take ownership so I could work part time and focus on my studies and be the first one to graduate from college in my family. I've now lost my scholarships because I've had to focus on working instead of college. They are a disgusting and arrogant bunch who belittles their residence and treats them like subhuman, while they think of themselves as superior. Do not live here unless you enjoy being harassed.