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  • Ron B.
    • 2
    • 25. Nov 2014

    I felt really great when I needed legal services when I was following my divorce. It was very difficult since my wife had a lot of influence around Virginia Beach, evening calling some attorneys after I've engaged them. The only reason I chose Swango Law P.C. was because their services are targeting men. Since engaging the law firm, I've had some wonderful space to concentrate on what matters most to me. All the pressure that was messing me up reduced tremendously, and I’m living a better life now. The case isn't over yet, but I know that things are getting better.

  • Avery H.
    • 2
    • 17. Nov 2014

    I had this friend of mine who used to trade in coke, but I didn't know about it; not at all. One day when I went to his crib to grab some music CDs cops just bumped in and we got arrested. I pleaded not guilty, but just didn't know how to get myself off that dragnet. My dad called a lawyer from Swango Law P.C., Virginia Beach to take over the case. I knew the scope and the nature of the case and so I seriously needed professional criminal defense services from a no-nonsense lawyer.The attorney, Swango, pulled it through and I’m now a free man.

  • Lilyrobinson07 L.
    • 3
    • 17. Nov 2014

    The best law firm when it comes to defense against DUI. It was quite a challenge to me when I got flagged down by the cops. I had downed just a little more than one hour earlier and didn't expect to be caught above the red line. And you know, when the system is guided by machines that at times also malfunction, things become a big mess. I wasted more than 10 minutes explaining myself, but all that fell on deaf ears. I remembered a friend of mine who had received legal services from Swango Law P.C., Virginia Beach. He gave me their number and I dialed them immediately. And that was it; yes, that's all I needed. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  • Hailey198white H.
    • 2
    • 17. Nov 2014

    Being charged with reckless driving was something that made me cower a little.Having worked with Attorney Jason Swango,I decided to seek his services on this one.As usual,his response was immediate,efficient,and very professional.He took over the issue and started following up every detail of it as it progressed.The next time I visited Swango Law P.C.,Virginia Beach he just told me to relax.And he didn't want to give me false hope,but he assured me of doing the best possible to have the case either dismissed or reduced to speeding.True to that,the case was reduced to simple speeding,and I paid a small fine.What a satisfying services.

  • Charlotte777moore C.
    • 1
    • 29. Oct 2014

    I remember a neighbor being knocked by a car some time back and nothing was done to compensate him. When I got knocked by a car and I sustained some injuries, the experience of that neighbor hit my mind and I consulted widely to get proper legal advice. I searched the web and came across Swango Law firm, Virginia Beach. The attorney, Jason Swango, did all within his professional knowledge, and human capabilities to ensure that I got proper medical attention and that I was duly compensated. The compensation came at a time when even my dad was almost losing hope that there was nothing forthcoming from the case. Thanks to Swango a million times.