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7616 Currell Blvd.Suite 245
Woodbury, 55125
MN, United States
(877) 515-6854
Since 2002 American Laser Skincare professionals have performed over 8,500,000 treatments in over 150 locations nationwide. We are the country's largest provider of state-of-the-art... read more
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  • Swensonbrian S.
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    • 26. May 2014

    I signed up for Vela, Zerona, and E-matrix treatments for a total of $4400.00 in January of 2013. I wanted to get rid of wrinkles under my eyes, shrink my arms and legs and tighten them afterwards. I had asked the clinic manager before I signed the contract - "What happens if this doesn't work, or I am unhappy with the results?, Are you going to leave me high and dry?"" She assured me that ALS would NEVER leave a customer unhappy they would keep going until I was happy..

    First off, the clinic manager, Katie Kennedy was wonderful. I had even wrote a letter to their regional headquarters in Edina, MN that if it was not for Katie and her crew, I would have gone elsewhere as there were so many competitors everywhere around the Woodbury location. Her customer service was next to none. I finished the treatments to shrink my arms and legs - I was not happy - they looked worse than when I started. We tried a few more treatments - still NOTHING! Katie suggested that I give my body a break, come back in a few months and we would start over as I was SO unhappy. I called back about four months later as instructed, and was shocked when I was told that they had let Katie go. The new manager "Rebecca" told me that they let her go because (I quote) "she was giving the farm away". She was extremely rude, and I told Rebecca, I was unhappy with the results, was promised more treatments, and I expected them to honor their verbal guarantee. First off, what kind of management talks about their employees to a total stranger that way? Rebecca told me she would have to go back to the books, and figure things out. She said she would call me back the next day - it never happened. I called her office two more times with the same results - none. I then called the regional headquarters and lodged a complaint with them, I was told that I would be called back in three business days (a promise from the customer service rep) and again, no one ever called me back.

    I was made promises that they would not keep. Spending $4400.00 to see no results (and in the case of my arms and legs), I have to cover them when I go out in public, as they are covered with such "severe hail damage" that I am too embarrassed to go outside unless I am covered up. I made an appointment with a competitor about a month ago. I want to start over with the E-Matrix (for the winkles under my eyes).and the surgeon was stunned- he said he could not see where anything had been done. His price is half of what they charge - with a written guarantee! I am convinced ALS's Estheticians are not properly trained, as a matter of fact, I had two new employees in the room with me being trained (at different times) by new employees! That is how fast they go through people . They do not bother to tell you about the extreme pain involved with the E-Matrix (laser treatments for your face are) - they do not have qualified staff on hand to be able to administer sedatives or pain medication. DO NOT GO TO AMERICAN LASER SKINCARE- RUN!!! Do not be a fool like me - I am twice as bad as before I went in to get my problem "fixed" Next stop - AMA!