Beanie Coffee

5623 Carlton Way, Los Angeles 90028, United States Get Directions to this spot
5623 Carlton Way, 5623 Carlton Way
Los Angeles, 90028
CA, United States
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8 reviews for Beanie Coffee

    • 05. Apr 2021

    I usually visited this coffee shop when I got bored at my house. I really like this coffee shop because they served the best coffee in town. The place was so quiet and relaxing as well, which I like the most. The crews were very polite and kind as well. The pastry they had was mouthwatering. I can't wait to visit this coffee shop again.

    • 05. Apr 2021

    Lovely place! They have a wide selection of coffees and pastries. These are all affordably priced which I appreciated so much. Kodus also to all of the staff for caring about their customers. They really went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and made y stay so unforgettable. Thank you very much and keep up the good work always.

    • 03. Mar 2021

    What an inexpensive and friendly coffee shop here in our city! I usually order their Espresso if I'm planning to study here because it smells amazing and very tasty. I just want to thank your employees for treating me respectfully and nicely. Five stars, boys, for you! I'm going to tell my friends and family about your terrific service!

    • 22. Jul 2020

    This place is so good! The coffee selection was very good and amazing. This place is a great place to study with not too loud music and great coffee and an abundance of seating and outlets. I also really like the staff, very accommodating and understanding. I highly recommend this coffee shop to everyone.

    • 14. May 2020

    We ended up our day with coffee! My boyfriend and I chose this place whenever we have a serious topic to talk about becasue we knew that coffee enhances our mood and the place was unwinding. We could think properly to come up with positive thoughts especially the taste of the coffee was great. We also appreciate the kindness of the staff here

    • 23. Apr 2020

    Coffee is my stress reliever! A week ago, I went to this coffee shop for the reason that I wanted to release my stress. I like the ambiance of the place because it was so peaceful and cozy. Their staves are all friendly and courteous. I thanked them for the wonderful service. Highly recommended to all of my friends!

    • 16. Apr 2020

    I post this feedback at this website to let everyone knows how beautiful and amazing this place is. The coffees and pastries they had was so delicious. The place itself was so nice, quiet, and pleasant. It is a perfect place to to your work or study or just to kill your time. The barista was so friendly and approachable as well. A must-visit coffee shop.

    • 15. Apr 2020

    I love this coffee shop very much! The crew and manager were very professional and very kind on that day. They also serve drinks quickly and did their best to respond to all of their customer's needs. The overall service was very satisfying and the price was very affordable. I will be back for more drinks, guys! Thanks a lot!