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1201 West 5th Street - M130
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6 reviews for Film Connection Film Institute

  • Allison H.
    • 1
    • 21. Dec 2016

    Worked as the production coordinator on a feature.

  • Kelvin M.
    • 1
    • 21. Sep 2016

    Tomrrow Jason is going to help me with Adobe Primere and how to use it, I am very excited about that

  • Joe C.
    • 1
    • 09. Mar 2015

    Film Connection says it all, right there in their name. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make connections. Get to know everyone on a shoot. Just talk to every single person. Get their email, get their phone number, and then follow through. Email them, text them, or call them and let them know what you’re up to. And make sure you ask them what they’re up to. Sooner than later there will come a time when someone asks one of them, “Hey we need someone who can do this. Do you know anybody?” Guess what, if you’ve worked your connections properly you’re going to be the first name they think of.

  • Annajeybliesebcaarros A.
    • 2
    • 30. Jun 2014

    Just a great program!!! I already have been on two paid gigs as an assistant coordinator for AT&T commercials and another as an art PA through a different connection I made while working on set. I am having the time of my life…The program is truly doing what they say it will... give me connections!

  • Binockeoqleltusa B.
    • 1
    • 25. Feb 2013

    Film Connection made it possible for me to work on a special project with Roger Plumlee to create a commercial for Solar Green Urban Garden!

  • Samuel R.
    • 1
    • 21. Nov 2012

    I began my filmmaking career in High School documenting several student activities leading up until the end of the year. I discovered Film Connection online and signed up with a mentor who was located in Los Angeles. As part of my course, I collaborated with my mentor, who is a working professional Film Editor, on cutting scenes for local commercials and documentaries using Final Cut Pro.

    While attending Film Connection, I learned the short cuts and habits of an Editor from my mentor. Such as timing, organization, and an eye for detail. After graduating, the Job Placement Assistance program offered me an internship as a Director's assistant on the independent film, 'Rushlights'. Traveling on Tech Scouts, organizing production meeting and rehearsals. When filming wrapped, I became a Post-Production Assistant on the same film where I imported footage daily and cut scenes following notes from the Script Supervisor and Director.

    When production wrapped, I worked closely with the Job Placement Assistance program at Film Connection on the dos and don'ts of interviewing such as attire, oral and writing skills, and professionalism from responding to a job posting to appearing in an interview. This paid off with an internship with Opportunity Green, a non-profit organization that hosts an annual conference bringing in major successful companies to small businesses. My duties were to edit interviews, panels, and keynote presentations. Which several of my edited videos are featured on the company's website. I also filmed an audition tape that was selected by Food Network casting for my client to be on the hit show Cupcake Wars. I recently started a job as a Video Editor for Inland New Today, a local news radio station and website.