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Dr. Jay Calvert is the owner and principal of his private practice. He endeavors to achieve safe, effective, pleasing results for his patients. Dr Jay Calvert is a board certified ... read more
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    • 08. Nov 2020

    Dr. Jay Calvert To Ascend To Rhinoplasty Society President 2019-2020

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    • 28. Feb 2010

    Dr. Calvert Works Wonders!

    My 23 year old daughter was in a car accident about two years ago. She was very badly injured. Fortunately, she lived to tell about it. Two of her friends, her newborn daughter and the drunk driver that hit them were killed. She is the only survivor of the wreck. She spent almost two months in the hospital with broken bones. Her left leg was broken in four places and her right leg in two places, and her knee cap on her right leg was shattered. Both of her wrists were broken, her collar bone was broken and 7 ribs were broken. On top of this, she had a punctured lung. She is lucky to be alive. The baby was killed instantly. Her little neck broke. One of her friends died instantly and the other fought to hang on for three days before passing away. May that drunk driver rot in hell for eternity!

    My daughter's face was unrecognizable. It took the doctors identifying her by her tattoo to know it was her. That was very hard. Her nose was shattered. Her bottom lip was hanging on by a thread. She had cuts all over her face. We knew her beautiful face would never be the same again.

    It took her almost a year before she could walk normally, but thank the lord, she did it. I know she felt horrible about her appearance because she was so heavily scarred. Her friends either looked at her with pity or wouldn't look at her at all. Some of her old friends made her feel like they were ashamed to be seen with her. I wanted to kill them for making her feel that way.

    One day we were watching the Tyra show and we saw Dr. Calvert come on. We saw what he did for a woman that had her nose bitten off. It got us thinking. What if he will take her case? Could he change her looks enough to give her some self confidence back? We contacted him and he agreed to a consultation. One year and almost 20 surgeries later, my daughter looks more beautiful that ever before. She still has some scarring, but it's amazing what this man has done. I can't thank him or his wonderful staff enough. He gave my daughter her life back. I just wanted to say, that if anyone out there is in the same position, they should contact him. His website is www.drcalvert.com.